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Beka, fixed lattice frame Bekamatic 10 fix

  • lattice frame Bekamatic fix
BEKAbekam160x210-220 - 190cm

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€ 505,01
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General information

Bekamatic fix

Fixed wooden lattice frame.

This lattice frame has 42 laths. The lath holders are made of SBS (thermoplast). The laths give a good distribution of  pressure and ventilation. The base has a supple shoulder part.

Perfect support for spring mattresses and latex mattresses.
Put your lattice frame in a beautiful bedframe and your bed is finished.

Proposition: the Hasena bed collection.

Technical information

Fixed lattice frame by Beka

There is no hard middle zone in a double bed.  You need legs and other accessories for a double bed, legs for an isolated bed.

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Delivery time: 3 weeks.

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