De eerste circulaire matras : made by Auping

The first circular mattress : made by Auping

A circular mattress: what is that?

Auping launches a first with this circular mattress. A circular product is something where everything can be reused. It is the highest form of recycling where there is no pollution whatsoever. The mattress does not use an environmentally harmful glue layer nor a foam that is not recyclable. A problem that many manufacturers struggle with and Auping has a world first with this mattress!

The Evolve mattress is a mattress that, for example after 10 years of use, can be returned to the Auping factory where it can be completely dismantled to clean all the materials and remade as a new product. No waste at all!

With traditional mattresses we keep getting the problem that the old mattresses are very polluting. They contain numerous synthetic materials (foams) and layers of glue that are very harmful to the environment. So Auping brings very good news for everyone and certainly for the environment. Thanks to the circularity passport that comes with every Evolve mattress, you know exactly where every material comes from.

What about your sleep?

With the innovative comfort layer, you can expect a pleasantly comfortable sleep on this mattress as well. Come and try it out in our Auping store in Heist op den Berg.

The Evolve mattress is now available in our Auping Store.

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