De zoektocht naar de beste matras: het verschil tussen Auping, Beka, M line en Nill Spring

The search for the best mattress: the difference between Auping, Beka, M line and Nill Spring

As a specialist shop in beds, we are often confronted with the following question during the first meeting:

What is the best mattress in your range?

As our shop has about ten top brands, it is not easy to answer this question. What is the best mattress ? A good mattress is very personal and different for everyone. Each person has different requirements or different needs when it comes to the best night's sleep. Think of rheumatism, arthritis or other physical problems.

Our professional team tries to help each customer individually by starting with a few specific questions. Based on this conversation, we will start filtering the immense offer and we will show you five mattresses from different brands, of which we think that they optimally meet your personal needs. For the best result, we always take along a matched pillow during this trial round.

The best mattress: the different brands Auping, Beka, M line and Nill Spring offer mattresses with a pocket spring core. However, there are big differences between them. What is the difference between these different brands ? We will be happy to list them for you in order to help you in your search for the best mattress:


With Auping, ventilation counts as the most important factor. That's why this bed - and more specifically the construction based on the mesh base - satisfies everyone who wants perfection when it comes to the best ventilated bed. An Auping mattress is the best mattress for people who sometimes suffer from night sweats. 

The more technical aspects of each Auping bed are also almost perfect. An electrically adjustable Auping bed is equipped with powerful, high-quality motors. Apart from the well-known box spring beds, they also have a few other beautiful, modern and timeless bed frames in their range. There are five types of Auping mattresses, from the basic Inizio mattress to the most well-balanced Vivo mattress, which incorporates a specific shoulder and hip zone. It goes without saying that the latter is used as standard in our shop to explain to people the importance of pressure-reducing zones. All these mattresses have of course comfort layers and four different hardnesses, which determine the lying feeling. Both the latex and visco coverings have their specific characteristics.

Latex provides the loose and well-ventilated feeling while visco provides a better support for the body.

As far as we are concerned, Auping is one of the better brands on the market when it comes to price/quality ratio. In our Auping Store you will find the largest department of Auping beds throughout Belgium. 25 Beds, their full range, are displayed in our showroom.


Beka, the former Belgian supplier to the Royal Court, the brand of the 3 kittens, the brand we as a company have been proud distributors of for more than 50 years.
Just like Auping, the Beka range of mattresses is built on the basis of a
pocket spring system, but they have a different structure and lying comfort. Simply put, there are three levels in their mattresses:

the standard range;
● as the high-end range.

Each mattress has its specific comfort layer (latex, HR foam, Geltex or Visco) and three hardnesses. Their range of mattresses is so complete that there is a mattress for every wish. 

There are two options for beds: the well-known slatted bases and box spring beds.

Beka slatted bases invariably have a hip and shoulder zone and can be combined with any type of mattress. These slatted bases try to reduce the pressure points, which is important for people with physical problems. Of course, flat is the standard, but electrically adjustable is also one of the options. 

The biggest difference in box spring beds between the two brands above is the finish or the base. Beka builds their box spring on the basis of a profiled base plate, while Auping does this on the basis of the open mesh base. The lying comfort between both systems is comparable. Beka has a slightly wider range of models, which makes their offer just that little bit more complete.

In our showroom we have about ten beds that we can make most combinations with.

M line

M line is one of the newest top brands in our range. The brand of Wout van Aert and Marc Herremans. These mattresses guarantee a perfect pressure reduction and a lasting sleep. The mattresses are constructed on the basis of memory foam. Memory foam provides the support needed by people with, for example, a hernia or other back problems. The physical position as well as the comfort that is obtained with these mattresses can hardly be compared with Auping and Beka.

The memory foam makes it feel like you are lying more firmly in your mattress. Turning over is also made slightly more difficult because it moulds itself completely to your body. In their range there is also a combination with pocket springs including shoulder and hip zone.

For us, this unique mattress is the point of comparison with our other brands. Another big advantage is that these mattresses can be combined with any type of support. This may be a slatted base, mesh base, wing base or box spring. The six most important lying surfaces can be tried out in our showroom.

Nill Spring

Nill Spring, one of our gems, comes from West Flanders, is 100% Belgian and
a brand of the Cornille family. Their vision of the perfect mattress lies in the unique and handmade character of their end products. 

As a sleep specialist, we are very proud to be able to present this brand to the general public. Beautiful and unique beds ? Nill Spring is the place to be !
The mattresses have a core of pocket springs, just like Beka and Auping. Is there a difference ? Yes, absolutely ! Nill Spring works in a more refined way than a typical other brand. A finer pocket spring, a covering layer of natural latex and even the processing of wool is possible. This makes it a step up to our natural sleep range. 

The advantage of these mattresses is the possibility to finish them with a specific shoulder and hip zone, but in a very soft way. This ensures that the luxury feeling is obtained. 

The box spring beds of Nill Spring are unique and are in no way comparable to other brands. As one of the few, if not the only, box spring beds are finished with a continuous spring in the middle. This ensures that no hardened zone in the mattress can be felt. Moreover, the models are unique. Fondo, Aria, Vasca and Infini are real gems. Our shop can offer a department with 10 sleep systems !

Of course, there are also some points to consider when looking for the best mattress. Memory foam, for example, is less good for perspiration and latex is slightly less good for pressure-reducing results.

Each brand and material has its unique characteristics, just as each person has unique characteristics. It is up to us to combine these two to give you an optimal night's sleep. Our slogan is not for nothing:

Great nights for everyone"!

Looking for a new mattress ? Contact us for more information. We will work with you to find the best mattress for your needs and wishes !

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