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Pressure-relieving memory foam mattresses

Any idea what a memory foam mattress is?

With this information we try to provide some information about this item and the

  • various production processes
  • various quality levels

Over the years, many types and brands of memory foam mattresses have come onto the market. In the beginning, the mattresses were made entirely of memory foam. This not only makes a mattress unwieldy and heavy, it also provides insufficient comfort and support. Most companies have subsequently decided to use an underlay of a different type of foam. This underlay consists of cold foam or polyether.

There are also memory foam mattresses with a pocket spring core. However, this has an effect that counteracts the memory foam: good memory foam distributes the pressure optimally and removes the pressure load because it contours completely to the body. If metal springs are then placed under the memory foam, this creates a powerful upward pressure, which counteracts the pressure-distributing effect. Not entirely optimal for people who need perfect visco properties of the mattress where they lie down.

There are various quality levels under the heading 'memory foam'. Here are some points to pay attention to:


Cast or foamed?

Molded foam is of a lower quality than expanded foam. The biggest disadvantage is that there is a plastic layer around the foam, just like with PUR foam used in construction. This plastic layer does not breathe and therefore feels hot, sticky and sweaty. The lifespan is also limited to 4 to 5 years at the most.

Foamed foam, on the other hand, is a lot airier. The surface consists exclusively of air bubbles. This allows fresh air to circulate and moisture is quickly removed. The result is a cooler and airier mattress. The lifespan is also considerably longer, up to 15 years with good quality.


Open or closed cell structure

The method of foaming determines whether the memory foam has an open or closed cell structure. The costs of foaming an open cell structure are considerably higher than foaming a closed cell structure. Good quality mattresses therefore have an open cell structure and cheaper variants often have a closed cell structure. The disadvantage of the closed cell structure is that the foam ventilates poorly and cannot remove perspiration. This makes the mattress warmer and sweatier than a mattress with an open cell structure.


Density of the memory foam

The main difference between the different memory foam mattresses is the density of the foam. The most important rule is: the higher the density, the better the quality and the longer the lifespan of the mattress. However, too high a density can cause other problems.

There are many mattresses with a density of up to 55 kg/m3. These are often the cheaper variants. The advantage is that these mattresses are very airy. The disadvantage of this low density is poorer shape retention, shorter lifespan and the mattress is often on the soft side. This causes you to sink through the memory foam, as it were, and lie more on the bottom layer.

The quality mattresses have a density of 65 to 85 kg/m3. The advantage of this density is the long lifespan, good support and pleasant lying comfort. The disadvantage is that these mattresses are slightly warmer than the mattresses up to 55 kg/m3, but in combination with an open cell structure this is not a problem. Then there is the group of mattresses with a density of more than 85 kg/m3.

The advantage of these mattresses is their (very) long lifespan. Disadvantages, however, are poor ventilation, rapid heat development, sweatiness and hardness of the mattress. The special memory foam feeling: slowly sinking deeper into the mattress, sleeping as if you were floating, is promoted by a high density. However, this feeling is short-lived and has no influence on the comfort and support of the body. The disadvantages mentioned do not outweigh this advantage.

Unfortunately, suppliers of memory foam mattresses all too often take advantage of consumer ignorance. High-quality memory foam is not just about density. The ingredients used also play an important role. It is therefore important that the memory foam is produced by a leading foam manufacturer

This type of mattress is an important part of our collection. As a bed specialist, we attach great importance to high quality, especially in the case of the pressure-relieving mattress, which can provide you with a higher level of slaapcomfort .


TEMPUR: the champion of the visco elastic mattress!

Within our collection we offer the complete collection of Tempur mattresses and beds. Thanks to the many years of research that Tempur did in the past, they developed this NASA foam in the early 1970s. The direct consequence of this was that the medical sector quickly became aware of this innovation within the bed market and hospitals and back clinics also offered their patients this comfort.

And look where we have arrived today: Tempur slaapcomfort is indispensable for all those people who have strong sensitivity in the back (hernia, back pain...). As a platinum dealer we offer the complete Tempur collection and everything is available very quickly, which can sometimes be a priority.

We invite you to our specialty store in Heist op den Berg where 1800 m² of slaapcomfort can be tested. Our professional team will help you make the right choice.

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