Goed slapen en uitgerust wakker worden

Sleep well and wake up rested

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives in bed? That's quite a while. It goes without saying that a good bed is crucial for quality of life. Not so long ago, people attached little importance to good mattresses and slatted bases, but in these stressful times people have come to realize that a healthy night's sleep starts with a good bed.

And a good bed is something you don't just choose. Since there are more and more different sleeping systems nowadays, it becomes a lot more difficult to make the right choice. Professional tips from sleep experts can provide a solution. That is why in this section you will find expert advice about various products and branded products.

Manufacturers often have an extensive range to offer everyone tailor-made slaapcomfort . But what suits you best? A mattress with springs, latex or geltex inside or is it more like NASA memory foam? To make a choice, it must all be thoroughly tested. Only you know what is comfortable for you, right? In any case, Bosmans sleeping comfort center, in collaboration with experts such as Auping , Tempur , Beka , Brinkhaus , etc., tries to guide you in this world between good night and good morning.



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