Handgemaakte bedden: selectie van 4 topmerken

Handmade beds: selection of 4 top brands

After having carried out a complete interior adjustment, Bosmans slaapcomfort can proudly announce that a true top selection of handmade beds and mattresses has been brought together under one roof.


Why different top brands?

A bed can be produced in different ways. The handmade beds are distinguished by the use of various natural materials. The use of materials such as alpace wool, horsehair, hemp...etc brings added value to these mattresses.

This collection will certainly offer options for people who are looking for optimal comfort for, for example, back support or ideal conditions for perspiration. Of course, it is not that easy to explain where the differences will be felt, because you will have to test this in our new 'handmade beds' department.


Nill Spring: made in Belgium

We bring the complete collection from this producer. These handmade beds are distinguished by the design look of these five star box spring beds. The construction of these beds is sublime and of exceptional quality. A craft from our country that we can be proud of. This has not yet been matched abroad.


Somnus: made in England

As usual in our specialty store, we also opt for a complete collection from this top manufacturer. Some box spring beds also have the typical English look and are always finished in the best upholstery. The mattresses are an absolute added value in the collection. A well-balanced collection with various comfort levels where the handmade factor is still present. What is unique about the production process is that they exploit all materials used within their company.

They have a large herd of sheep on their farm, which they use to process wool (and alpaca wool) into the mattresses. The pocket spring is also a patented version that provides a distinctly luxurious feeling to the owner of the mattress. In short, a mattress that should definitely be tested and compared as soon as you are looking for good slaapcomfort !

Hästens: made in Sweden

This is the newcomer in our collection.... Hästens is known worldwide for sublime slaapcomfort by using only the best materials . A special selection precedes production and here too we speak of the use of various natural materials.

Horse hair is used in the various handmade beds and mattresses from Hästens. Characteristic of this bed is the typical window that makes this bed recognizable. Naturally, elke customer has the option to have the correct color variation applied, so that each bed receives a specific personalized label. This is unique quality for unique comfort.

Visit this unique collection of Luxury Bedding

It is definitely worth a trip to see this collection of handmade beds together. Our professional team will be happy to assist you in your search for the ideal and personalized sleeping comfort. Bosmans slaapcomfort in Heist-op-den-berg welcomes you !

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