Het verhaal van Hästens bedden begint in de wieg

The story of Hästens beds starts in the cradle

Hästens is a family business in all respects. Firstly, because the Ryde family has been running it for five generations. But just as important are the other families that make up the Häsens family. For many people in Köping, working for Hästens is a decision they make when they are young. Knowing that your grandmother built a bed for a princess in a distant land is inspiring, of course. But it is also a guide and a motto for the children in the city: hard work and striving for perfection will bring rewards for you and your loved ones.

That is why the profession of master bedmaker is often passed on from generation to generation.

How difficult is it to make a Hästens?

It takes a long time. But when you are obsessed with creating a truly world-class bed, every second is worthwhile. Just to make a box-spring bed Vividus requires at least 350 hours of work from our craftsmen. Not to mention the time it takes to prepare the horsehair, wool, cotton and flax, and to make the steel springs, wooden frame and ticking.

Each stage of production is continually refined with the aim of making beds that offer you more restful nights and waking days.

And if a step is not perfectly completed, we start again from scratch. If we notice even the slightest error, every employee has the authority to stop production. Now you may understand that the most important skill our craftsmen must master is patience .

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