Wanneer mijn matras vervangen?

How often should I buy a new mattress?

A good night's sleep is essential for our health and energy levels. An important factor here is the quality of the mattress. But how often should you actually replace a mattress? And what should you pay attention to when you buy a new mattress? In this blog we tell you why replacing your mattress on time is so important.

Why you should regularly replace your mattress, pillows and duvets

Do you suffer from back problems? Are you sleeping less well? There is a chance that this is because your mattress needs to be replaced. Over time, the intensity of your mattress decreases, so you no longer get the same support. This can cause ailments and reduced sleep quality. That is why it is important to regularly evaluate the condition of your mattress. The rule of thumb is that you should replace a mattress every ten years .

Not only does the wear and tear of the mattress affect a lesser night's sleep, but also your pillows and duvets. For example, pillows have a limited lifespan of 3 to 5 years, depending on their quality and how heavily someone perspires during the night. When you have a good quality duvet, it is an investment for life. But beware! You must give it a maintenance service every five years that meets all requirements.

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Why is it important to invest in a good mattress?

A good, high-quality mattress that is tailored to your body and sleeping position has numerous advantages. Not only can you count on a better night's sleep, you will also experience fewer complaints such as hip, shoulder and back pain. In addition, you will suffer less from allergies, such as a house dust mite allergy. Investing in a quality mattress is therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Attention! It does not always have to be an expensive mattress to create good lying comfort, but this often depends on the quality of materials used.

This way you extend the life of your mattress

Because we know that a mattress is a worthwhile investment, we would like to share some tips to extend the life of your mattress:

* Use a good mattress protector

* Wait about fifteen minutes before opening the window or making the bed after getting up. The mattress is still warm, so opening the window can lead to condensation forming in the mattress. This in turn is often the cause of the well-known "pit formation".

* For mattresses that can be turned, it is advisable to do this every other season, so that the materials can recover a bit.

* Always place the mattress on a compatible bed base or box spring.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a new mattress?

When you are going to choose a new mattress, it is important to be guided in the right way. Tell us what your wishes are, on which bed base the mattress will be placed and what physical complaints you experience. A good mattress or sleeping system must be adapted to your body and provide the right support during your sleep.

You can consider getting a box spring . A box spring always has a spring core that adapts to the mattress and your body, while an ordinary bed, on the other hand, consists of a slatted base, saucer base, wing base or mesh base. With a box spring you enjoy benefits such as optimal support, a pleasant entry and exit height, less dust mites and a longer lifespan (on average about 25 years). Although box springs can sometimes be less suitable for people with allergies, there are also box springs with a leather version or made of natural materials that reduce these types of complaints. Keep in mind that there are also slatted bases that extend the durability of your mattress and support the body in a perfect way. Think of the bed bases of, for example, Swissflex .

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Time for a new mattress?

Depending on the quality of the mattress, we recommend changing after 10 to 12 years. This not only to guarantee the right support, but also to ensure a healthy night's sleep. Of course we are not the deciding factor, but can only advise you.

Thinking about renewing your mattress? At Bosmans Sleeping Comfort you can choose from various top brands: Auping , Beka , Mline , Swissflex or Tempur ! Not sure which brand or type of mattress is right for you? Then visit our showroom in Heist-op-den-Berg or contact us and let our sleep experts advise you. We are happy to help you in your search for the best & optimal night's sleep.

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