Hoe vaak moet ik mijn bed verschonen? En hoe doe ik dat makkelijk?

How often must I put clean sheets on my bed? And how?

Putting clean sheets on the bed is probably not your favorite chore. However, it is important that you do it regularly. Not just because the feeling of fresh sheets is unbeatable - although that certainly counts! Clean sheets are also better for your health and extend the life of your mattress and bedding.

Why you should regularly change your bedding

Your sheets accumulate a lot of dust and scales. Do you have a house dust mite allergy? Then you know the problem. If you regularly put clean sheets on your bed, it is more hygienic and better for your skin and bronchial tubes.

But even if you don't have a physical reaction to dust mites, it's a good idea to wash your sheets frequently. Did you know that you lose about half a liter of fluid per night just by sweating? That's more than 180 liters per year. Bacteria love a warm, moist environment. Bacteria and house dust mites love an untented bed.

How often should you wash your sheets and bedding?

Change your sheets weekly, especially if you' sweat a lot or if you don't take a shower before going to bed. Change all your sheets at once: the fitted sheet, the duvet cover and the pillowcases.

Your duvet and pillows also need a regular washing. You don't have to do this every week, especially if you use a duvet protector and pillow protector.  A synthetic duvet and synthetic pillows can easily be washed in the washing machine and can even be washed together with the sheets.

It is better not to wash down duvets and down pillows: the feathers get damaged in the washing machine. Take them once a year to the dry cleaner's.

Tip: Bring your duvet and feather pillows to Bosmans Slaapcomfort to have them professionally cleaned. We remove the feathers and clean the feathers and the ticking separately. We then refill your duvet and pillows and they are like new again. We also professionally clean mattresses. Handy for people with house dust mite allergies or in case of a little accident.

What to pay attention to when you wash sheets?

Putting clean sheets on your bed is only useful if you wash the sheets correctly.

Our advice:

  • Wash your sheets at 60 °. That temperature is high enough to get rid of bacteria and house dust mites.
  • Sort your laundry by color.
  • Do not cram the washing machine. Sheets need room to move. 
  • Do not leave the laundry in the washing machine or dryer for too long after the program has finished. The laundry gets creased as a result, which makes it difficult to iron.

Putting clean sheets on your bed doesn't have to be a chore

Look at our tips:

  1. First, remove the covers from the pillows and the duvet cover and duvet protector from the duvet. Then wash your hands before touching the clean sheets.
  2. Air the pillows and duvet.
  3. Use clips to clip the corners of your duvet to the corners of the cover. There are special clips for this, but a sturdy clothes-peg also works. So tuck each corner into the corresponding corner of the duvet cover, clip them on, then shake the duvet until it is evenly packed in the cover.

Time to upgrade your bedding?

Visit our showroom in Heist-op-den-Berg and feel for yourself what a difference high-quality bedding makes. We advise and assist you.

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