Met Auping-boxsprings en -bedkaders kies je voor optimale ventilatie!

With Auping box springs and bed frames you opt for optimal ventilation!

Ventilation is an essential part of a good night's sleep. And not just in the summer, when the temperature in your bedroom rises. It is important all year round to enjoy the right air flow and ventilation, both in your mattress and bed. In this article we take a closer look at the importance of ventilation and the beds that ventilate best: Auping.


Why is the ventilation of your bed so important? 

When most people think of ventilation, they spontaneously think of the ventilation of the mattress. It is indeed true that it must be well ventilated for the best results. We lose about 350 ml of moisture per night, both at high and low ambient temperatures. A mattress with an open, air-permeable structure ensures that moisture is removed and fresh air can come back in.

But theventilation of your bedis also important! No matter how air permeable your mattress may be, if your box spring or bed frame is not, you will no longer enjoy optimal air flow.

In this article we highlight two products: box springs and bed frames. We will also tell you why choosing Auping is such a good idea. 


Optimal ventilation: the box spring

How does a box spring ventilate?

Box springs are one of the most popular sleeping systems on the market. They consist of several parts: 

  • thebox spring: a covered base with springs;
  • amattress;
  • atop mattress;
  • amain board;
  • afootboard.

These different parts provide extra comfort, but also ventilation: because there is sufficient space between the parts, there is sufficient air flow and the moisture you lose while sleeping can be properly drained. 

Auping box springs

The difference with other box springs is that the Auping box springs have aspiral base. It offers many additional advantages, also in terms of ventilation:

  •  an open structure that is 80% breathable;
  • 10,000 support points for extra lying comfort;
  • an extra long lifespan.

Due to the high number of support points, Auping mesh bases suit every body, whether you are large or small, a back or side sleeper. 

View our range of Auping box springs

Bed frames

What is the difference with a box spring?

A bed frame (or bed frame) is a construction without a slatted base and mattress. Unlike the box spring, the springs have not yet been incorporated: so you can choose your own mattress and slatted base. 

Thanks to the wide range of bed frames, you will always find what you are looking for at Auping. What you will always find are the sleek lines and elegant appearance that suit any interior. At Bosmans Slaapcomfort you will find these Auping classics:


Auping spiral bases

If you choose an Auping bed frame, it will always be equipped with theAuping spiral base. We already told you above why this is such an excellent choice: optimal ventilation and the best lying comfort!

View Auping's mesh bases


Can we help you with anything?

Do you have any questions about the best choice for you? Are you unsure between a box spring or bed frame? Would you like to try what suits you best? At Bosmans Slaapcomfort we are happy to help you on your way. Our sleep experts will work with you to find the ideal sleep system. 

Our advice: let us guide you in your search for the best night's sleep. So let us know want to know something, or visit our showroom!

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