Tempur and the new generation of mattresses



Tempur is constantly improving the sleep of more and more people, elke night, all over the world. Now, after a 5-year development process, Tempur is introducing the next product generation with completely new Tempur materials and fabrics, which deliver even better performance than the previous range.

Their new product generation meets the highest quality standards and is produced in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Good sleep is vital for all of us. It is important for our health, development and well-being. At Tempur, the goal has always been to improve the sleep of as many people as possible. That's why they've continued to innovate and develop a full range of industry-leading sleep products.

The name Tempur expresses the temperature-sensitive nature of their material. It is viscoelastic, meaning it is both fluid and spring-like. A unique combination, achieved by billions of ultra-sensitive cells.

Tempur supports your body by continuously adapting to your body shape, weight and heat. This causes the material to harmonize with your body and you experience a weightless feeling.

Tempur reduces the pressure on your body, by evenly distributing the strength of your body and prominent areas (shoulders or hips) the material surface. This ensures that you always feel comfortable, so you have less tendency to toss and turn while sleeping.

Tempur absorbs movements between you, your partner, your children or your pets up to 10x better than standard memory foam. Less than 2% of movements are still transferred. This means you are less likely to disturb each other and you both sleep a lot more peacefully.

It is these unique properties that provide the perfect balance of comfort and support for true, restful sleep.


Tempur Pro Plus: With a mattress height of 25cm, the Tempur Pro Plus has optimal adaptability. Thanks to the extra thick Tempur layer, you will experience weightless comfort and support all night long. The completely new Tempur Advanced Material (5cm) in the mattress offers 20% pressure reduction, adapts even better to the shape of your body and absorbs movements even better. The Smartcool mattress cover ensures optimal temperature regulation: pleasant in the summer, nice and warm in the winter. In addition, the QuickRefresh mattress cover is easy to keep fresh.

Tempur Pro: With a mattress height of 21cm, the Tempur pro offers you comfort and optimal support by molding itself comfortably to your body . Compared to the Pro Plus, the Tempur Advanced Material consists of 3cm, as opposed to 5cm.

Tempur Prima: With a mattress height of also 21cm, the Tempur Prima helps you completely relax, so you wake up fresh and vital. The standard removable mattress cover is easy to keep fresh: unzip it, remove it from the mattress and wash it in the washing machine.


While most other companies use standard formulas or source their memory foam elsewhere, Tempur material is produced entirely in their state-of-the-art product facility in Denmark. This way you can be assured that every Tempur product they make is of the highest possible quality.

Their contribution to quality runs deep. They select only the best materials and strive for safe, globally recognized certifications that align with their sustainable goals. From the first concept to the final thread, from their product facility to your bedroom, you can rest assured that Tempur products are the best of the best.

Our showroom contains the complete Tempur range to try out and compare with other pressure-reducing brands such as Mline en Technogel. So you can always be sure that you are purchasing the right product for your body.



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