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Trends in bath and bed textiles

Discover the latest trends in bath and bed textiles

When you sleep poorly at night, your energy level decreases significantly during the day. Everyone has experienced that before. A good night's sleep is the fuel for an energetic day. Although a high-quality bed is of course necessary, the right bed linen can also make a significant difference. In this blog you will discover the latest trends in bed and bathroom textiles that contribute to your well-being.

Find rest in your bed linen

For most people, the bedroom should radiate an oasis of peace. Plain bedding, such as that from Lysdrap or Mirabel Slabbinck, is always a safe choice. Yet, it is possible to follow seasonal trends even here. In autumn, for example, you can choose warm, slightly darker colors. Think of (dark) green and blue or a calm grey. If you also choose bedding made from satin/cotton, you are assured of soft fabrics and a matte appearance. Do you prefer it nice and warm at night? Then we recommend to choose a flannel duvet cover.

Choose playful eye-catchers

Do you prefer a dynamic look? Then, bedding with graphic patterns, such as lines and round shapes, is an excellent choice. Bedding with graphic prints can often be a real eye-catcher in your bedroom. If you choose this bedding, we recommend that you combine it with calm wall coverings and limit the number of accessories in your bedroom. Your bedding then plays the leading part in the bedroom and the other elements must ensure sufficient rest.

Sleep like a baby

For those who seek real luxury in the bedroom, there is the collection by Mirabel Slabbinck or Yves Delorme. This collection can easily be called the queen of bed linen and is made from Egyptian combed cotton satin, the best cotton in the world. This cotton is characterized by its long fibers and purity. It feels silky soft and is extremely durable. In addition, this breathable fabric is able to absorb a lot of moisture. A duvet cover made of cotton satin exudes pure luxury, with a shiny front and a matte back.

More softness, less fluffs

Your night always starts and ends in the bathroom. It is therefore essential that your bath textiles matches your bedding. For a fresh look in the bathroom, it is best to choose white bathroom textiles. Are you more of a color lover? Then, you are probably a fan of bath linen with vibrant shades. The same advice applies here as in the bedroom. If you choose colorful textiles, it is best to work with neutral walls and furniture and to give the whole a colorful touch with fun elements.

If you want to avoid fluffs, Vossen bath textiles offer the solution. Thanks to the innovative Airpillow technology, this bath textile is extremely absorbent and gives off fluffs 90% less than conventional terry cloth. Moreover, this collection is hypoallergenic, which only will be to your skin's advantage.

If you want the softest towels, Yves Delorme is a perfect choice. Super soft and perfectly absorbent. 

The bath textiles from Vossen and Yves Delorme are available in our Linnenboetiek in Heist- op-den-Berg.

Accessories for the bathroom.

Of course, accessories for the bathroom should not be missing. We offer Aquanova products for this.

Aquanova offers a wide range of colors and materials to meet various interior preferences. From soft pastel shades to deep, rich colors, there is something for everyone. This diversity in choices makes it easy to find bathroom accessories that fit with the existing design of your bathroom.

Would you like more information about our products? Please be sure to contact us by email at Elke@slaapcomfort-center.be or by telephone: 0487602123

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