De voordelen van een 4 seizoenen dekbed

The benefits of a 4-season duvet

Summer is over and autumn has arrived. Of course, that also means it's getting colder! For many people it is time to say goodbye to the summer duvet and switch to a warmer winter duvet. But did you know that there is also such a thing as a 4-season duvet? We explain what that is and what the benefits are!

Which duvets are available?

As you may know, duvets come in various heat classes, more specifically heat class 1 to 4 . 1 is a winter duvet, while 4 is a summer duvet. Many people use a duvet of warmth class 2 to 3 all year round. But then you still run the risk of being too chilly in the winter and too warm in the summer.

So you can choose to purchase a duvet of elke warmth class to ensure optimal sleep. But then you will have to change duvets a lot. That is not the case with a 4-season duvet!

What is a 4 season duvet? 

A 4-season duvet consists of no fewer than 3 different duvets: 

  • a summer duvet for warm nights;
  • a 'tween', perfect for autumn and spring;
  • a winter duvet: you get this by combining the two other duvets.

Is it slowly getting colder? Then switch to the duvet. Is it really the middle of winter? Then it is time to attach both duvets together. This way you always sleep at the best temperature! 

What types of 4-season duvets are there?

4-season duvets are available - just like other duvets - in different fabrics. You can choose from: 

  • synthetic duvets;
  • down comforters;
  • woolen duvets.

Down provides the necessary ventilation and absorbs moisture. Wool is very insulating and retains heat well. Synthetic duvets are perfect for frequent washing. Hence, this is the ideal choice for children's beds.

Each type of 4-season duvet has its own advantages. Our team will be happy to help you find the right duvet for your situation!

The benefits of a 4-season duvet

You now know what a 4-season duvet is and what different types there are. But what are the benefits? We list them for you: 

  • You can easily switch between the different parts of the duvet: this way you always enjoy the best temperature.
  • You only need to purchase one duvet that can serve all year round.

How do I maintain a 4-season duvet?

As already mentioned, synthetic duvets are the easiest to wash. With down duvets, it is recommended to air them often, so you can significantly reduce the number of washes. Frequent washing does not make down duvets any better. Wool duvets are naturally antibacterial and dirt-repellent. Here too, regular ventilation is the key! 

Can we help you with anything?

Looking for the ideal duvet? We are happy to assist you with advice and assistance! Let us know and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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