Waarom moet je beddengoed wassen voor het eerste gebruik? En hoe?

Why should you wash your bed linen before first use? And how?

Have you bought new sheets, pillows, fitted sheets, duvet cover or pillowcases? Splendid! Just a little longer and you will enjoy that fresh feeling of bedding. But put it in the washing machine first.

Wash sheets before use

Many chemicals are used in the production of sheets. In addition, your sheets are made in a factory, and there it is not always as clean as you would like. Before using your new sheets, we advise you to wash your bedding first.

It is also important to know that your sheets do not ventilate well and allow moisture to pass through if they have not yet been washed. That can lead to uncomfortable nights. 

How do you wash new sheets for the first time? Note the following points:

  • Always read the washing instructions on the label. It states at what temperature you can wash and dry the sheets.
  • Have you chosen sheets with a nice print? Always wash them inside out. This way you protect the print against wear.
  • Colorful sheets not always are colourfast while washing. To avoid that, you can add a dash of vinegar the first time. The vinegar protects the color.
  • However, you should always sort sheets by color when you wash them. Certainly the first time, but also after that.
  • Do not stuff the washing machine. Sheets need space to move in the tumble drier.
  • Do you use a drier? Then choose a low temperature to prevent shrinkage.

    Do you have to wash all bedding first?

    And what if you bought a new duvet or new pillows? The rule of thumb is less defined. A down duvet should not be put in the washing machine, because that will damage the feathers. You can wash a synthetic duvet as often as you want.

    The same for some pillows.  In case of a pillow with neck-support, you have to remove the support first before washing. There are pillows that can only be professionally washed.

    If you have questions or comments, contact us.

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