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Which pillow suits me?

A good pillow is literally and figuratively an important factor in slaapcomfort . The support it provides is essential for a good and healthy night's sleep. A wrong choice can easily lead to a night full of fuss, a sore neck and/or shoulders and even worse.

There really is no point in investing a fortune in a mattress and bed base only to save on what your brain needs to rest on.

But which pillow suits you? We list the main criteria you should pay attention to when purchasing one.


The qualities of a good pillow

The most important feature of a good pillow is support for your cervical vertebrae. If this is not the case, you will eventually experience a painful feeling in your neck or shoulders.

Because every person changes position during the night, a fixed thickness is not always ideal. Precisely because most people sleep in a preferred position, it is difficult to find a pillow that is suitable for multiple positions. It is essential that the head and neck are well supported in both the supine and side position.

The perfect pillow fills the hollow between the shoulders and the head and thus supports the cervical vertebrae. If the support of the pillow is correct, this will also have a corrective effect on the spine.

Neck roll pillowsprovide more support to the cervical vertebra than pillows without a neck roll. However, it is important that the thickness of the neck roll is correct. If this is not correct, there is a good chance that you will eventually develop a neck hernia.


Based on what criteria do you choose a pillow?

You don't choose a pillow based on: "It's soft!". You choose the ideal pillow based on your sleeping position, body type and its composition.

Sleeping position

We said it before: The perfect pillow fills the hollow between the shoulders and the head and thus supports the cervical vertebrae.

A side sleeper obviously has a larger cavity between shoulders and head than a back sleeper. For side sleepers, we therefore recommend a thicker pillow so that the cervical vertebrae remain as stable and supported as possible.

Back sleepersare more likely to need a thinner pillow.

Stomach sleepersoften don't even need one.

Be sure to also take the softness of your mattress into account. Do you sink deep into it? Then the hollow between shoulders and neck decreases and you therefore need a thinner pillow. But with a hard mattress, a thicker pillow is recommended.


People come in all shapes and sizes. This also applies to our shoulders. Its width determines how large the hollow is between the neck and shoulders.

Do you have broad shoulders? Then definitely don't choose a thin pillow.

The wider the shoulders, the thicker the pillow should be to balance your neck.


One can sleep perfectly on the airy hotel pillows that your head sinks into. The other thinks that is a terrible feeling. The composition of your pillow not only determines your slaapcomfort , but also its durability .

A synthetic cushion, for example, feels soft and can be washed regularly. This means that synthetic pillows usually last longer than non-washable pillows kussen" title="down pillow">down pillow is usually not washable, but you can shake it up regularly or put it outside when the weather is pleasant. Do this because the filling of a down pillow slowly compresses itself. Such pillows give a "hotel feeling" so that people experience a cozy first effect.

Technogelis a unique pillow that always gives a fresh feeling. This is because the top layer consists of a gel material that feels the same in both warm and cold temperatures. Perfect for people who sweat easily or get overheated quickly.

Finally"> memory foams or viscoelastic pillows from Tempur or Aupingwhich retain their shape very nicely. In addition, these pillows are among the most durable and supportive materials for your neck. It provides a relieving result while latex creates counter pressure so that your neck muscles relax less. Tempur has a range of pillows for side, back and stomach sleepers.


Ready to choose your pillow

In our range we have 100 different pillows in all possible materials. You can also try this out at home for 2 nights without obligation before purchasing a final pillow. Purchased pillows are simply not returned.

A good sleeping system does not end with a base and mattress…

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