5 remedies to solve sleep problems

A good, steady night's sleep is crucial to getting the most out of your day. You sleep about a third of your life. During that time, both your body and mind unwind and recharge their batteries for the day ahead.

Unfortunately, too many people experience sleeping problems. A Partena study even shows that about 20% of all Flemish people take sleeping pills. Although sleeping pills make you fall asleep, they do not improve your sleep. Sleeping problems should rather be solved permanently, because sleeping pills do not result in more quality sleep.

But what are the causes of sleep problems? How do you solve sleep problems? Be sure to read on!

3 main causes of sleep problems

1) Worrying

The biggest cause of insomnia is stress. You might be dealing with a problem at work, or you might be thinking about something. We've all experienced it at one time or another. But it's problematic when such thoughts keep you up every night.

Stress, depression, or anxiety bring on brooding. You don't feel good about yourself and you just can't find a comfortable position. Especially at times like these, it seems easy to take a pill to turn off those thoughts for a while.

2) Environmental factors

Sleeping problems are not always caused by your body. Your home can just as easily be the cause. Think then of:

  • noisy neighbours
  • A tossing partner
  • heavy traffic in your street
  • street lights that find their way into your home

All these factors can cause you to perceive too many stimuli, which of course keeps you awake. A low-stimulus environment remains the best environment for a good night's sleep.

3) Your bed

As we mentioned earlier, you sleep for about a third of your life. There is no activity we do more of. This is precisely why it is important to take care of your body during that time.

A badly lying or outdated bed can have disastrous consequences for your sleep. There are people who can fall asleep just about anywhere in the world. You may be jealous of them....

5 ways to solve sleep problems

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the causes we just described? Or do you regularly take a sleeping pill yourself? Don't worry. By following certain methods, you will eventually sleep much better than you do today and solve your sleeping problems.

1) Follow a fixed rhythm

The human body can be trained. And you can make use of that. A set rhythm is essential if you want consistent sleep. Try to ensure that you sleep around 7 to 8 hours every night.

Based on that, determine your ideal sleeping hour and start following that guideline consistently. In the beginning, it may be harder to fall asleep. But once you get into the habit, your body will follow suit.

2) Avoid blue light

The longer you're awake, the more sleep hormones your body produces. The blue light from smartphones, TVs and computers suppresses the production of these hormones and activates your mind.

As a result, you can't fall asleep because you don't feel tired. If you're really experiencing sleep problems, it helps to banish screens about 2 hours before your sleep hour.

3) Watch your diet and tobacco use

Alcohol sometimes makes you fall asleep quickly. But there is a difference between sleep time and sleep quality. Yes, you sleep longer. But you also sleep less deeply. You will notice this the next morning!

Caffeinated drinks also naturally keep your body awake. Even to such an extent that the general advice is not to drink any more coffee from the late afternoon onwards.

Finally, you may be familiar with the saying that an apple is golden in the morning, silver at noon and only bronze in the evening. That statement is true. When you eat a heavy meal in the morning, you have a whole day to digest it. But digesting a heavy meal in combination with sleep rarely ends well. Avoid eating too much in the late hours.

4) Adjust your bedroom

Try to effectively address any distracting factor you can remove from your bedroom. Hang new, thicker curtains to keep out street light. Have old windows replaced with new ones that absorb sound better. Make sure the ambient temperature is no higher than 19°C.

Such adjustments ensure that you experience fewer stimuli and settle down more quickly.

5) Choose a good quality mattress

A quality mattress is more important than many people think. Some mattresses feel like a trampoline. Others mould themselves completely to your sleeping position.

Ultimately, a mattress is a personal choice. Some like a hard mattress, others prefer to sink into it. But the best mattresses remain those that give your body maximum support and conform to your lying posture.

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