Auping, the well ventilated bed

In 1888, Johannes Auping, a blacksmith in Deventer, is commissioned by the director of the Sint Geertruiden Gasthuis to develop a bed that is more hygienic than those already in existence at the time. The new idea consisted of twisted, intertwined iron wires that were stretched in an iron frame.
The in-house machines with which the first Auping mattresses are later made are developed in 1989.
The first order comes in 1890 from the Civil Hospital in Amsterdam, which orders no fewer than 40 examples of the steel health mattress.
In 1898, an order from the Royal House followed. All the bedrooms are furnished with Auping beds.
On February 7, 1912, the first stone is laid of the new, large Auping factory on the Laan van Borgele. The headquarters of Auping are still located here today.
During the First World War, Auping rents out 30,000 beds to the Dutch government.
In 1921, the NV eerste Nederlandse Fabriek van Stalen Gezondheidsmatrassen Auping Deventer is established.
In 1932 Auping is far ahead of its time and is the first company to do any marketing.
The famous Cleopatra bed is developed in 1953. This bed remains on the market for a quarter of a century.
The first adjustable bed base sees the light of day in 1967.
1973 was the starting year for the Auping Auronde bed. Later on extras are designed for this bed model, such as back panels, bedside tables,...
In the meantime, the Auronde bed has been in the Auping collection for more than 30 years and it is still a model that appeals to the general public.
In 1988, Auping celebrated its 100th anniversary. Auping received the predicate ''royal''. Royal Auping bv" is now the full name.
During this year, the Wilzo company in Wilrijk is taken over and transformed into an Auping sales organisation.
It is also around this time that Auping acquires part of ''Nordisk Fjer'' in Denmark.
The Auping Royal bed is a unique and comfortable bed that had its beginnings in 1993. The basis of this bed is an electrically adjustable base.
Frans de la Haye designed the Royal 300, 320 and 340.
In 1998, Auping starts making box springs. This happens after taking over the company ''De zevenslaper''.
This year is also the year in which Ruud Jan Kokke designs the Next bed model.
The Auping design team designs the Match bed model in 2000. With this model, an endless combination is possible. You can choose between different back panels, accessories, colours and materials.
It is also in the year 2000 that a new mattress factory and distribution centre are built in Deventer.
In 2004 Auping launches the Ultimate Climate. This is a mattress with a built-in heating element and thermostat.
2005 was the year of the AVS mattresses.
AVS stands for Active Ventilation and Support. The mattress contains the unique DPPS spring which makes it easier to turn during your sleep. The 3-dimensional fabric in the sides ensures sufficient ventilation.
The AVS spiral base was developed in 2008. This spiral base is equipped with Comfortslide so that the hip and shoulder zone can be adjusted to your personal requirements.
In 2009 Auping introduces its first AVS Boxspring. This bed offers high quality through its perfect ventilation, good hygiene and excellent comfort.
Besides the various bed bases, beds, box springs and mattresses, Auping also offers a wide range of bed textiles and accessories. Beautiful cabinets of a very high quality are also manufactured.
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