Box spring Auping Criade

If we compare the Criade box spring from Auping with a classic box springof various other brands, there are clear differences in many areas. Naturally, we always assume that the box spring is of good quality, i.e. that the edges are resilient and the box consists of a solid Bonnell suspension.

Auping Criade

Based on the various points as indicated in the image, we will provide clarification here.
  1. The core of this Auping box spring is always pocket springs. A pocket spring means that the spring force is nicely distributed and of the highest level.
  2. The base is continuous with a continuous network at the hinge lines. So there is a constant pressure distribution and suspension travel. A mesh base is only possible with an Auping box spring and provides perfect ventilation!
  3. The flat seat has been increased to 30 cm. This is of course only with the adjustable box springs. A larger seat part ensures minimal compression of the mattress and more ergonomics when sitting.
  4. The hinges are located low. So a large split is no longer necessary and this also makes a larger sized box possible (even in an electric version).
  5. The head and footboard are attached to the leg of the metal (lacquered) base. Auping quality guarantees a stable bed and play-free mounting.
  6. Headboards are constructed from lightweight and durable material.
  7. The top of the box has been enriched in look and feel. This creates a fresh and tactile pleasant surface.
  8. Mattress and box spring are linked. The mattress remains on the box at all times; even when it is adjusted.
  9. All the points listed are therefore specific to Auping's latest box spring line, the CRIADE.
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