The importance of pressure-relieving sleep

The importance of pressure-reducing sleep

We spend 1/3 of our lives in our beds, which is a very long time.
It is therefore obvious that a good night's sleep is very important. That's why a good comfortable mattress is a must!
Especially when it comes to people who are sensitive to pressure points, such as those who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, fybromyalgia and many other joint disorders. In such cases, a pressure-reducing mattress can be the solution to better sleeping comfort.

What is pressure relieving sleeping

With pressure reducing sleeping, all pressure points are removed. The body weight is distributed over the entire mattress and your body is fully supported. All this ensures that you sleep better, have a better posture and that you turn less in your bed. Unlike traditional mattresses, you don't feel any pressure or elasticity here. It is precisely the resistance of the resilience that is present in all non-visco elastic materials that can cause pain to a sensitive back. So it is definitely worth choosing such a sleeping system. There are also a few other factors that can influence the choice for this system:
- Easy to get in and out of bed.
- Sleeping better.
- Less pain.
- Adjusts to every body type regardless of height and weight.
- The mattresses do not have to be turned.
- Choice of different types of sleeping systems.

What can offer you pressure-relieving comfort?

- Tempur, based on memory foam.
- Technogel : based on gel.
- Air sprung mattress : based on air.
In our next blog, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of each of the brands.

Why not a waterbed?

A waterbed provides great lying comfort, certainly comparable to pressure-reducing mattresses. Also, the advantages of pressure reducing mattresses are equal to those of a watermattress. However, there are a few reasons why a pressure-reducing mattress is better.
Here are some disadvantages of a waterbed:
- It is more difficult to get in and out of the bed.
- You have to maintain a waterbed. (Add conditioner regularly and clean the surface with vinyl cleaner).
- A waterbed has energy costs.
- It is heavy and if you have to move it, it is best to contact our professional team.

Why choose a pressure-reducing mattress?

- Easy to get in and out of bed,
- better sleep,
- less pain,
- adapts to every body type regardless of height and weight,
- they don't need to be turned,
- there are many options.

I already have an existing bed, can I use any pressure-reducing mattress on it?

Not all pressure relieving mattresses can be placed on a bed frame or box spring, but there is a pressure relieving mattress available for every base.
We have no medicine for backache but pressure-reducing sleeping comfort can certainly alleviate the pain.

Which bed should I choose?

Within this segment we offer a number of solutions. But it is an absolute necessity to come and test and COMPARE what ultimately gives you the most comfort. The fact that you will get a better night's sleep is a reality, but here we also have to take into account that getting in and out of bed is more comfortable because of back problems.
It is by testing these solutions that you can finally choose the best option. As a bed specialist, our team can certainly help you choose your new bed. The advantage of most of these mattresses is that they can be combined on most existing beds. The only exception is the waterbed which is a stand-alone bed without slatted base. The evolution of the production market (China) and the new legal regulations concerning the composition of vinyl mattresses have led to many adverse effects during use.
About thirty years ago - with the advent of the waterbed - the situation was somewhat different (read: better). At that time, the pressure reducing effect could only be obtained with a waterbed.
But technology is not standing still and today we can definitely offer perfect alternatives.

What does this much-discussed pressure-relieving comfort do to the body?

As soon as you lie in bed, a gel or Tempur mattress, for example, will completely adapt to the contours of the body. Due to this characteristic, the resistance on the vertebrae is reduced, which can be particularly advantageous. After all, it also ensures a relaxed feeling which can have a positive influence on your sleep. A perfect complement to this type of mattress is also choosing an electrically adjustable base. Choosing such a sleeping system is not necessary but will be a great added value when lying in bed. Our professional team invites you to come and test this in our specialty shop. We will also inform you about the differences between the mattresses. In this way, we will be able to make the choice that best suits your needs. And that is what counts. You as a customer should feel better.

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