Fitted sheet

A fitted sheet is important to protect your mattress. A fitted sheet is a cover that you pull over your mattress; so that the mattress is better protected against dust, moisture and dirt.

Fitted sheets are available in various colours, sizes and fabric qualities. Jersey stretch, cotton and flannel fitted sheets are very popular these days. They are easy to use and can also be cleaned easily.

Nowadays, most fitted sheets have a stretch so that they fit snugly around your mattress. In the past, people often used an ordinary sheet without stretch. This had the disadvantage that the sheet did not always stay in place properly and the mattress sometimes still became soiled.

When purchasing your fitted sheet, make sure that if you have a thick mattress, you also buy a fitted sheet with the corners being sufficiently high. In our collection you will find numerous models that are suitable for all mattresses. If you want top quality fitted sheets , we recommend the Estella Exquisit, which are very elastic and suitable for elke mattress. Bella Donna fitted sheets are also among the absolute top and are also available from us.

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