Fit up of the bedroom

The bedroom ... an oasis of peace and relaxation.

A bedroom should be the place where you can rest and relax. You undoubtedly prefer to fall asleep in the evening or wake up in the morning in a pleasant environment without too much hustle and bustle around you. It is therefore not bad to occupy yourselves with the fit up of your bedroom. A restful bedroom ensures that you fall asleep faster, but it may also be cosy because you do not go to bed with your eyes closed. The colours, materials and decoration you use determine the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Romantic, classic, industrial or hotel chic ... what is your style ?

Dreamy decorating tips

1. Choose materials that not only radiate heat and softness, but also feel that way. Fabrics such as silk, fleece or wool in combination with wood provide a warm and restful appearance.

2.Colors have an effect on how we feel. Therefore, it's better to opt for restful, neutral colours or pastel shades for the bedroom. However, If you like a bright color, then the wall behind the bed is the perfect place.

3. Atmospheric lighting provides a pleasant glow to fall asleep or to wake up. Therefore, in addition to general lighting, also opt for a little lamp that you can easily switch on and off from bed.

4. A cozy design doesn't have to mean cramming your bedroom with decorations. Less is more! It is better to opt for a few well-chosen eye-catchers than for an overload of stuff.

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