Can a handmade bed make me more comfortable?

Sleeping on a made-to-measure bed

As we all spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, it is important to take a moment to decide what your new bed should look like and what kind of comfort it should offer. Before having any prejudices about a handmade bed we should stop and think about what such a bed (or mattress) can offer. Also the lifespan will play an important role and usually handmade beds offer a much higher level of comfort over a long period of time. In a specialist shop you can compare the many possibilities.

Is ventilation of the bed or mattress an important item for you personally?

It is a recurring fact that in determining the composition of such handmade mattresses or box springs, selections are always made from the best natural materials. Most of the internally studded mattresses use a.o. wool, alpaca wool, hemp(!) and cotton. Horsehair is also a frequently used raw material. When processing natural horsehair (not synthetic !), attention must be paid to dozens of factors, which means that such mattresses will cost somewhat more than traditional spring mattresses. It is important that this raw material is subjected to the necessary quality controls and will also be processed manually in order to offer optimal and perfect sleeping comfort in the long or even very long term. Did you know that beds of Hästens are known as the best beds in the world but that these beds are also purchased for life.

Is the comfort of sleeping a factor of importance to you?

In the world of beds there are 101 different solutions available to buy a good bed. Many boxspring beds are already offered at prices from eur 1000 to eur 2000. However, it is recommended to take your time when buying a good bed. Therefore a specialist shop of beds is the ideal way to do so, because it will enable you to make the right choice under professional guidance, 100% geared to your personal needs and requirements. You will also be able to experience that handmade mattress when lying down on a Hästens, Treca, Kuperus or Somnus bed. You will experience that moment when sleeping on a bed of such quality will change your vision of a 'bed'. handmade beds will change your view of a 'bed'. You will then realise that many optimal solutions are possible.

And then we forget about aesthetics!

It is not easy to be original in the world of sleeping. Nevertheless there are some models that pursue a unique and exceptional aesthetic concept without harming the optimal conditions of luxury bedding. To name just one, it is even possible to stay in our own country. The producer Nill Spring from Veurne is such a company where many beautifully styled beds are designed. The artisanal character is not far away in this collection. And the beauty of it is that every bed can be tailored to everyone's personal wishes. Even boxspring beds in wenge or walnut finish are possible here!

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