Do you suffer from sweating during a night's sleep?

It is of course important to know when the problem with excessive sweating arose. There could be various reasons.


Have you recently purchased a new mattress?

It is good to know what materials your mattress is made of. As an example we take a synthetic latex compared to a Geltex® inside mattress. You may not know it, but synthetic latex is a completely different story than natural latex. All synthetic latex mattresses are always products that offer much less ventilation compared to Geltex mattresses. It is the open cell structure of a product that makes the difference. If both products were compared under a microscope you would notice that synthetic latex is something that does not have enough open cells; Geltex, on the other hand, is perfect in this regard and scores extremely well with the completely open cell structure of this foam. Important tip: just because a mattress is made of foam does not mean that you will get less good ventilation.


Have you recently purchased a new duvet?

If the problem arose at that time then it is quite simple. The filling of the new duvet is not suitable for your body. The filling of the duvet will not provide sufficient ventilation and provide too much protection (down, synthetic down, etc.) and therefore you will start to sweat. If it is a 4-season duvet, you can easily use the adjusted warmth class of part 1 or part 2, which will significantly improve the chance of sweating.


How to improve or solve this annoying situation?

There are numerous commercially available items that can bring about an improvement. You will certainly be surprised, but by using the perfect 'mattress protector' you can make a very big difference! Did you know that by placing a Bosmans sleeping comfort center are happy to help you with personalized advice. You can even take a look at the webshop with online chat function where you can speak to someone from our team immediately.

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