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Choosing the right bed or mattress is not always easy. You don't do this elke day either. But luckily the advisors at Bosmans slaapcomfort center do. They help you with the best sleep advice for your optimal night's sleep. Discover the world between good night and good morning at Bosmans where you can explore brands such as: AUPING - BEKA - KUPERUS - SOMNUS - TEMPUR - LATTOFLEX - GELTEX - NILLSPRING

Naturally, the range is very wide and without professional advice this can even become confusing, but thanks to the advice of our team, we can quickly find out which will be the right selection to achieve optimal slaapcomfort . An Auping box spring bed cannot be compared in any way with a Kuperus box spring bed, etc....

What questions may still be present...

  • what is the difference between a normal bed and a box spring bed?
  • what is a box spring?
  • why is a Tempur mattress so special?
  • .......

An answer to all questions will be happy to provide you with our professional team. Come and try out the Bosmans slaapcomfort center in Heist op den Berg!

Welcome to the largest specialty store for slaapcomfort in the region. . 1500 m² of pure enjoyment.

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