Comfortable sleep in the menopause, how do you do that?

Unfortunately, sleep problems are not unusual in menopause. Your hormone balance changes and you notice that in annoying hot flushes, during day and night. The good news ? You can make your nights a lot more comfortable. Here you will discover what you can do to sleep better during the menopause.

Sleep badly during menopause

The discomforts of menopause don't stop when you go to sleep. Perspiration and hot flushes cause that many women wake up at night while they are bathed in sweat. Hormones also help you fall asleep and sleep better. That also changes in menopause.

In addition, the transition to menopause is a stressful experience. And we don't have to tell you that stress has negative effect on your night's rest.

Even in the menopause, our remedies for sleeping problems already make a big difference. And your sleeping comfort ? You can improve on four points:

  • your mattress
  • your bed linen
  • the right sheets
  • your sleeping and living habits

Go for a well-ventilated mattress

Do you wake up at night being bathed in sweat? Then it probably has to do with your mattress. Some mattresses ventilate much better than others.

When you get a hot flush, you suddenly feel very hot and you start sweating profusely. A mattress made of breathable material evacuates heat. A mattress made of breathable, natural materials is therefore a right choice.

A mattress or mattress topper in memory foam should be avoided. It retains heat.

Read more about mattresses in natural materials

Tip: The discomforts of menopause also pass. Does your mattress need to be replaced? Then we definitely recommend a ventilating one. But you don't have to replace your mattress especially for these years. With the right duvet and breathable sheets you increase your comfort considerably.

Think carefully about your bedding

You have two options, each with its pros and cons:

  • real down is light and airy. This reduces the chance of overheating during the night. If you get a hot flush, your duvet evacuates heat. This way you cool down faster.
  • A synthetic duvet feels too heavy for some women during menopause. Yet, there is an advantage: you simply put a synthetic duvet in the washing machine after a sweaty night.

How do you make a choice ? Weigh the pros and cons against each other. Do you expect your duvet to be washed regularly? Then choose a synthetic duvet. Are the weight and feeling of decisive importance? Then a down duvet is the best choice.

Choose sheets in natural materials

Your skin is extra sensitive during this period. Our advice? Opt for sheets in Egyptian cotton satin. That has many advantages:

  • the satin weave feels nice and cool against the skin;
  • the natural fiber absorbs moisture and feels dry;
  • this cotton can be frequently washed.

Adjust your sleeping and living habits (a little)

No, you don't have to change your life completely to sleep better during menopause. A few small things make already a big difference:

  • Do not wear nightclothes that are too thick and opt for natural fibres, such as cotton. Would you like a little luxury ? Then consider nightclothes in silk. Silk regulates your body heat and always feels nice and fresh to your skin.
  • Avoid nicotine and caffeinated drinks before going to sleep. 
  • Ventilate your bedroom well.
  • Find the time for exercising during the day.

Make short work of sleep badly during menopause

Menopause inevitable has effect on your sleep. But night sweats and hot flushes don't have to disturb your sleep. You can make a big difference with just a few small interventions. Do not hesitate to ask for our advice.

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