Smartsleeve: perfect ventilation for your mattress

On average, a person needs 8 hours of sleep per night. Yet you often do not reach those 8 hours. You are still awake because you are thinking about the past day, because you cannot find the right position to lie down or because you may even suffer from an allergy. These are all causes to which we attribute a lack of sleep.

But sleep deprivation is also due to the ventilation of your mattress.

During your sleep you lose about 300-600 ml of fluid. Without any protection, your mattress absorbs that moisture. But that comes with some consequences. First, the moisture has nowhere to go, which ultimately reduces the lifespan of your mattress. Second, your body will have a harder time regulating its temperature. A body temperature that is too high causes you to sleep less well.

Fortunately, you can ensure that your mattress has sufficient ventilation. You have thought long and hard about choosing your mattress. But you will only fully enjoy it if you also think about the cover you put on it.

Smartsleeve is a good example of a mattress protector that not only absorbs moisture , but also ensures good ventilation of your mattress. This results in optimal slaapcomfort .


Against hot flashes

The basis is revolutionary knitting technology. The three-dimensional structure creates a unique protective layer with ventilating, moisture-regulating and resilient effect. This keeps the air moving under the body and allows the absorbed moisture to evaporate.

The air layer distributes the temperature evenly over the entire sleeping surface. This way the bed remains dry and the peace and quiet is no longer disturbed by temperature fluctuations. Ideal for example during menopause. The three-dimensional air layer also provides additional pressure relief and helps the mattress and pillow support the body.


One for every season

Another version greatly reduces the risk/products/morpheus-mijtstop-matrashoes-met-rits?_pos=2&_psq=morpheus&_ss=e&_v=1.0_ss=e&_v=1.0">house dust allergy by using microcapsules that contain natural probiotics. Specifically for incontinen/products/smartsleeve-premium-waterproof?_pos=4&_psq=smartsleeve&_ss=e&_v=1.0smartsleeve&_ss=e&_v=1.0">waterproof but breathable film is placed on the textile. Smartsleeve fits perfectly around elke mattress, thanks to the super elastic Lycra sides. The fit is tightened with a polyester string that is incorporated into the sides. So that annoying wrinkles cannot keep you awa/products/smartsleeve-kussenbeschermer?_pos=5&_psq=smartsleeve&_ss=e&_v=1.0_pos=5&_psq=smartsleeve&_ss=e&_v=1.0">cushion cover with the same properties. Depending on the sleeping environment or the time of year, it is possible that you will be confronted with a different sleep disruptor. This product is easy to use, easy to maintain, washable at 40°C and has the same lifespan as your mattress.

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