Why choosing a mattress in natural materials?

We state that mattresses in natural materials are increasingly chosen by people looking for a good and permanent night's rest. 

A mattress or sleeping system made from natural products offers many advantages.

In this article we explain to you the advantages & properties of "natural sleeping" and the different materials used.

What is a natural mattress and what are the benefits?

A natural mattress simply means: a mattress consisting of natural (and non-synthetic) materials. Almost all famous brands manufacture their beds from only natural products such as wool, cotton, horsehair or mohair.

We are thinking of Hästens (the pearl in the sleeping world) or, for example, Somnus (who gets all its materials from its own "farm").

But Vi Spring, Ecolife or Kuperus are also specialized in processing these top products.

Some benefits of natural sleeping:

  • Allergies: Many people suffer from allergies when their mattress contains too many house dust mites, mould and other bacteria. Natural mattresses are antibacterial. Perfect if you don't want to sneeze, or just want to enjoy a fresh & clean mattress!
  • You want to sleep fresh: natural materials are very breathable and absorbent. Do you sweat a lot at night or do you just feel quickly warm? Thanks to natural materials, these complaints can be a thing of the past!
  • Natural mattresses mold to your body and to your sleeping position. So don't panic if you notice that there is a small shape when you get up! This is part of it... a natural product "lives" and ensures that you receive the best support every night.
  • Life: natural sleeping systems have a long life! Not only because of the materials, but also because a box spring and mattress topper are used. Ordinary mattresses and toppers need to be replaced after ten years. If you sleep on a mattress in combination with a topper, your mattress wil have a longer life.

At Bosmans Slaapcomfort we also focus on natural sleeping.

Our entire top floor is decorated with 30 masterpieces from some of the above brands.

What materials can a natural sleeping system or mattress consist of?

The box spring of a natural sleeping system usually consists of a solid wooden frame, which ensures a long life, in combination with a pocket spring. Some brands, such as Hästens, also use flax in their mattresses. Flax removes static electricity. It also contains a little bit of horse hair.

For the mattress, different materials are often processed. Wool, cotton, mohair, horsehair, natural latex or bamboo. Each of these materials has its own unique properties. 

  • Horsehair: horsehair has long been used as a filling for mattresses. 
    • horsehair is very breathable. Because of that ventilation capacity, these mattresses  are extremely suitable for people who suffer from perspiration. Ventilation limits the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites.
    • Horsehair makes sure that your body temperature remains steady.
  • Wool and cotton: also a used mix of natural materials. Their characteristics:
    • a mattress with wool regulates temperature. In the winter it feels warm, in summer it feels cool.
    • Cotton absorbs moisture which is completely different from a foam mattress. When horsehair is also added, moisture is evacuated and ensures a dry bed.
    • Wool is very resilient. Therefore, your mattress is elastic without the addition of synthetic products.
    • Wool takes the shape of your body.
  • Bamboo: a material that is becoming more and more popular:
    • bamboo is very soft to the touch. 
    • Bamboo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Ideal if you are allergic, or if you want to be sure that no unpleasant odors arise.
    • Bamboo regulates temperature.
  • Natural latex: natural latex is the most well-known material and has already been used in mattresses for a very long time. Natural latex is very resilient. Mattresses or mattress toppers in natural latex retain their shape for a very long period, but do not mold to your body. These also have a perforated core, which improves ventilation.

Are circular mattresses natural?

This is a question we get from our customers, but the answer is very simple: NO!

Circular mattresses are mattresses that you can recycle after use. In this way, your old mattress can serve to make a new mattress. Very good for the environment, but not natural.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are still used for circular mattresses, but the products in the mattress are not glued, making them recyclable. 

In search of the ideal (natural) sleep system?

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