How much does a good box spring cost?

Sleep like in a hotel, but at home!

Do you also sleep like a baby during your hotel holiday? In hotels they often choose box spring beds because they guarantee a comfortable and ventilated sleeping system . box spring is not the same as the other. There is a lot of difference in quality that determines the lifespan of the mattress and more importantly, your slaapcomfort .

Nowadays you see many outlet stores where the cost of a box spring is often less than € 1000 ... and that includes the mattress. Such a bed may be suitable for those who are looking for a temporary solution, but you can rest assured that decent sleeping COMFORT is not possible on such a box spring. In all respects, such a product is made to obtain a favorable price and certain basic rules to obtain good, pleasant comfort are not respected here.

That is why it is important to visit the better bed specialist store where the needs of a customer are listened to. A retailer who thinks along with the customer is in everyone's interest because here you get a listening ear and ultimately the bed that suits you best!

The extra cost of the better box spring is eur 70!!

Did you know that the 'better' box spring, such as the collection The Best of Beka or Auping original, is already available with various options at prices from EUR 1999? So you can see that such box springs that easily offer perfect slaapcomfort for 15 years compared to the cheap box spring of EUR 1000 with poor slaapcomfort actually only have an extra cost of EUR 70 / year. The night's sleep on a hard, unpleasant mattress or a personally optimized mattress, it is only that small difference of € 70/year. What do you choose?


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