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BM Europe, waterbed care - conditioner and vinyl cleaner 100ml

Een waterbed vereist een goed onderhoud. Belangrijk: gebruik de goede onderhoudsproducten. 

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Onderhoudsproducten voor een waterbed van BM Europe

BM Europe, waterbed care - conditioner and vinyl cleaner 100ml

Regular price €21,95
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Slapen op water

Use the best products for maintaining your waterbed

A waterbed requires proper maintenance, so it is important to use the right maintenance products. BM Europe© has years of experience with waterbeds and maintenance. To help you, we have put together a kit: waterbed conditioner and vinyl cleaner.

The waterbedconditioner keeps the water fresh and clean and is also 100% biodegradable.
The vinylcleaner cleans and maintains the outside of the waterbed's vinyl. The product is mainly used to remove dander, body fat, acids and perspiration odours from the mattress. The product prevents hardening and drying of the vinyl, is suitable for all types of vinyl and is a very good quality product !

Extra cheap price for this waterbed maintenance set.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Content:2x conditioner 100ml + 1x vinylcleaner 100ml.
Conditioner:It is recommended to add the waterbed conditioner (100ml) to the water of your double waterbed every 5 months.  For a single waterbed or a double waterbed with 2 separate mattresses (dual), it is sufficient to add half a dose per mattress.  This product prevents bacteria and algae in your waterbed.
Vinyl cleaner:

Clean the vinyl every 3 months with the vinyl cleaner !  Spray the surface to be cleaned and rub with a clean, damp cloth. A treatment with the vinyl cleaner extends the life of your water mattress.

Many problems with a waterbed can be avoided by regularly treating the vinyl with this cleaner.

Advice: be sure to clean the sides where the vinyl of the mattress can rub against the exterior surface. Dust gives hard granules with a high chance of a small leak after a while.

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