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Waterbed conditioner 4x 100ml: special offer

Als u een waterbed heeft dan moet u het ook goed onderhouden.  Vergeet DE CONDITIONER niet.

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Waterbed conditioner 4x 100ml: special offer

Waterbed conditioner 4x 100ml: special offer

Regular price €33,00
€36,00 €33,00
Unit price  per 
Slapen op water

If you have a waterbed, you must also maintain it well. Do not forget to add conditioner to the water.

The waterbed conditioner from the well-known brand BM Europe keeps the water in your waterbed fresh and clean. Use this waterbed conditioner to combat algae formation in your waterbed.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • maintains the fibre layers
  • prevents scale
  • suitable for all types of waterbeds.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Content:4x cond. 100ml.
Instructions: add the entire content of the bottle to the water of a double waterbed every 5 months. For a single waterbed or a double waterbed with 2 separate bags (dual), add half a dose per bag. This product prevents bacteria and algae in your waterbed. The product is also 100% biodegradable and is suitable for any type of waterbed.

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