Cevilit, mattress protector - 3D-Comfort - waterproof

3D-COMFORT WATERDICHT is geschikt voor mensen die lijden aan een huisstofmijtallergie.

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Aerosleep 3D comfort

Cevilit, mattress protector - 3D-Comfort - waterproof

Regular price €99,50
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detail van waterdichte matrasbeschermer 3D-Comfort - détail du protège-matelas imperméable 3D-Comfort - detail of waterproof mattress protector 3D-Comfort

Waterproof mattress protector from Cevilit

No more damp-feeling sheets thanks to the optimally ventilated 3D top layer. Warm, moist air is evacuated better and faster. The terry cloth between THE WATERPROOF 3D-COMFORT mattress protector ensures high moisture absorption. The breathable PU underlayer ensures that the mattress protector is waterproof.

This protector is suitable for people who suffer from a dust mite allergy.

Protect your mattress protector with a fitted sheet from our collection.

Explication of a term:

3-Dimensional top layer is also called 'spacer knit' or 'spacer fabric'. This material, which is usually made of polyester, is built from 2 horizontal layers that are kept 'at a distance' from each other by many vertical threads. This provides free air circulation and is suitable for people who sweat during their sleep.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Model:in the shape of a fitted sheet- corners of 40 cm - custom-made possible - waterproof.
Composition top layer:100% polyamide.
Composition intermediate layer:terry cloth (80% cotton/20% polyester).
Composition bottom layer:polyurethane - moisture resistant.
Maintenance:washable up to 60°C (look at the instructions) - tumble drier safe.

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