Kuperus, mattress topper Alexia

DE TOPMATRAS ALEXIA van Kuperus heeft ook een kern van 5 cm hoge pocketveertjes

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Topmatras Alexia, Kuperus-surmatelas Alexia, Kuperus-mattress topper Alexia, Kuperus

Kuperus, mattress topper Alexia

Regular price €1.460,00
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Kuperus, mattress topper Alexia, pocket springs and natural materials

The top mattresses from the Dutch manufacturer Kuperus are all made of the best natural materials such as pure new wool, high-quality cotton and a core of pure horsehair, natural latex or 5 cm-high pocket springs. The core of the mattress toppers is covered with carded cotton or even horsehair.

MATTRESS TOPPER ALEXIA from Kuperus also has a core of 5 cm-high pocket springs, additionally covered with a thick layer of horsehair on 2 sides and cotton and wool.

A mattress topper provides extra comfort, your mattress is less loaded, which extends its lifespan. Because a mattress topper is lighter than an ordinary mattress, it can easily be turned. When using a mattress topper on top of a mattress, you can optionally only cover the mattress topper. We have mattress protectors and fitted sheets for mattress toppers.

Explanation of some terms:

HORSE HAIR: consists of hairs from the mane and tail of the horse. It provides excellent ventilation and has a large absorbing capacity.

COTTON: breathes well and feels wonderfully soft.

WOOL: is strong, resilient, waterproof, fireproof and heat insulating. Wool has an excellent ability to both heat and cool.

A mattress topper is a perfect solution for mattresses that feel too hard.

If you have a question or comment, contact Bart.

Technical specifications

Tijk: luxe stretchhoes met 350gr/m² scheerwol en katoen

Kern: 5cm hoge pocketveertjes + paardenhaar, wol en katoen

Totale hoogte: 10cm

Eigenschappen: natuurlijke materialen

Comfort: ondersteunend - ventilerend - vochabsorberend

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