M line, memory foam mattress 1-person - Cool Motion 4

Door de 3 verschillende lagen in DE COOL MOTION 4 krijgt uw lichaam de perfecte ondersteuning. 

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M line Cool Motion 4

M line, memory foam mattress 1-person - Cool Motion 4

Regular price €909,00
€1.299,00 €909,00
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Cool Motion 4, innovative product from M line

M line mattresses are manufactured with the greatest care. M line is driven by innovation. The mattresses are extensively tested and therefore M line has the latest scientific knowledge and test results. This translates into the use of the most innovative and comfortable materials. And it has results. By sleeping on an M line mattress, you wake up rested and in great shape. Body and mind recover quickly. It is therefore not surprising that top athletes appreciate a good mattress to help them achieve their performance. M line supports these athletes by providing them with the best mattresses, so that they wake up refreshed every morning.

THE COOL MOTION 4 MATTRESS belongs to this M line collection.

Thanks to the 3 different layers in this mattress, your body gets the perfect support and the pressure points on your body are distributed. Your body adopts a relaxed position and you also benefit from better blood circulation. Your nerves and muscles are less loaded and you turn less in bed. In short, you sleep longer and body and mind recover optimally. 

The 3 layers we are talking about are: the base layer is a layer of high-quality profiled open cell HR foam with firm areas. This gives your body the right support. 

On top lies the unique Clima Support layer with incisions in different sleeping areas. This distributes the pressure of your body on the mattress in a better way.

And then there is the top layer made of viscoelastic foam. Ensures good pressure distribution. This viscoelastic foam allows moisture, air and heat to pass through better than traditional foam. So, more ventilation and good moisture evacation. The open structure of this foam gives you better support and makes it easier to turn in bed because the mattress responds more quickly to movement. The additional Clima Support layer between the core and the top layer provides additional ventilation and a better sleeping climate. This mattress is suitable for people who quickly feel hot or cold in bed.

And then, you also have the cover of the Cool Motion 4. The revolutionary Active Temperature Control technique in the Cool Motion cover improves the ventilation and temperature regulating properties of the mattress. The cover is made of microfibers that provide a cool feeling and that absorb body heat. A constant temperature is obtained. The cover is washable at 60°C.

The Cool Motion 4 mattress has a "firm" top layer. This mattress has a thickness of 22 cm.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Cover:30% Lyocell, 69% Polyester, 1% Elastane, removable.
Core:type: Visco SG80 -  visco elastic foam, HR foam.
Total height:22 cm.

anti-allergenic - suitable for bed bases: box spring, slatted base, Multi Motion, Mesh base.

Max. weight: 140 kg - sleeping position: stomach, side, back.

Comfort:7 comfortzones - firm
Maintenance:cover: washable up to 60°C.

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