Silvana, pillow Comfort - Paars

SILVANA COMFORT PAARS is geschikt voor het gebruik op een normale matras. 

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Silvana, pillow Comfort - Paars

Silvana, pillow Comfort - Paars

Regular price €79,95
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Silvana, pillow Comfort - Paars

A good pillow is very important ! Also for Silvana.

In 1983, the first innovative pillow was developed. Namely, the Silvana Support pillow. This is still the most effective pillow with integrated neck support.

All Silvana pillows are made in the Netherlands. The latest production techniques and high-quality materials are used. A guarantee of quality!

Silvana has developed a new pillow, namely the 'Comfort pillow'. This pillow is available in different firmnesses.

SILVANA COMFORT PAARS is a pillow from the Silvana Comfort collection with an average softness. This pillow is suitable for use on a normal mattress. 

This pillow is divided into 3 compartments. The side compartments are slightly firmer filled than the central compartment for a perfect position of the head in every sleeping position. 

Through the zipper, the amount of Quallofil® filling can be adjusted. Quallofil® is a very soft high-quality synthetic fibre ball that makes the pillow easy to shake.

The notch provides good support for the neck and head so that the cervical vertebrae can relax.

The pillow is also suitable for people with a house dust mite allergy because the casing is treated with Sanitized®. The pillow is resistant to mould and bacteria.

Put your ideal pillow on an excellent mattress. So, you will obtain a sublime sleeping comfort.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Size:50x70 and 60x70.
Casing:100% cotton Sanitized® treated.
Filling:Quallofil®, refillable.
Characteristicseasy to shake up - mould and bacteria resistant - anti dust mite.
Hardness:medium softness.
Maintenance:Washable at up to 60°C. Always follow the washing instructions as mentioned on the packaging or on the label.

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