Silvana, pillow Support - Emerald

SILVANA SUPPORT EMERALD is zacht en soepel en voor gebruik op een normale matras. 

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 Silvana, pillow Support - Emerald

Silvana, pillow Support - Emerald

Regular price €119,00
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According to Silvana, a good pillow is very important. But what is a good pillow ? A good pillow depends on a number of factors such as sleeping position, build, firmness of the mattress, perspiration and allergy. And if one has found the right pillow, then usually one asks: how should I maintain my pillow?

  • The daily shaking and regular airing keep your pillow dry and airy. Always use a washable pillowcase so that your pillow does not need to be washed too much.
  • If you would wash the pillow anyway, you must ensure that the filling dries quickly and thoroughly after washing. Put a tennis ball in the tumble drier to fluff up the filling.

THE SILVANA PILLOW SUPPORT EMERALD is a soft and flexible pillow for use on a normal mattress.

The top compartments of this pillow contain Quallofil® fibre balls which provide a soft feeling. The pillow is easy to shake up. The pillow also provides good support thanks to the notch in the neck support.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Size:60x60 and 60x70.
Casing:100% cotton, Sanitized® treated, anti-allergic.
Filling: top compartments: Quallofil® fiber balls - neck support in Vita Talalay® latex - refillable. 
Characteristics:ergonomic - anti-house dust mite - mould and bacteria resistant.
Maintenance:washable at up to 60°C.  (Remove neck support) !

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