Silvana, pillow Support - Fluorine

HET HOOFDKUSSEN SUPPORT FLUORINE heeft een speciale schoudercontour voor een perfecte pasvorm.

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Silvana, pillow Support - Fluorine

Silvana, pillow Support - Fluorine

Regular price €119,00
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Silvana Support has been the best neck support pillow for years. By the production of pillows, Silvana takes the customer into account. The pillows are developed in consultation with physiotherapists. They are made from the best materials for an excellent comfort.

If you like a firm pillow and if you sleep on a normal mattress, not too firm, not too soft, then THE SILVANA PILLOW SUPPORT FLUORINE maybe something for you.

This pillow is slightly firmer than the Silvana Support Emerald. The special notch ensures a perfect fit. Whether you sleep on your back or side, you will always have good support.

The Fluorine is suitable for persons who prefer a resilient support.  The top compartments of the Fluorine are filled with Comforel®. These are high-quality very soft synthetic fiber balls. The neck support is made of Vita Talalay®latex. This is a latex that ventilates better than regular latex. The notch ensures that you have a perfect support of the cervical vertebrae.

Put your ideal pillow on an excellent mattress.  So you get a sublime sleeping comfort.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Size:60x60 and 60x70.
Casing:100% cotton, Sanitized® treated, anti-allergic.
Filling: top compartments: Comforel® fiber balls - neck support in Vita Talalay® latex - rechargeable. 
Characteristics:ergonomic - anti-house dust mite - mould and bacteria resistant.
Firmness:slightly firmer than the Support Emerald.
Maintenance:washable at up to 60°C. (Remove neck support) !

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