SmartSleeve, mattress protector - Premium waterproof

SMARTSLEEVE®PREMIUM WATERPROOF, optimaliseert slaapcomfort, gezondheid en hygiëne.

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matrasbeschermer SmartSleeve Premium waterproof - protège-matelas SmartSleeve Prmium waterproof - mattress protector SmartSleeve Premium waterproof

SmartSleeve, mattress protector - Premium waterproof

Regular price €189,00
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Enjoy your night's rest with this mattress protector

3 Top technologies, ventilation – thermoregulation – anti-allergy offer the optimal conditions for a good night's sleep.

The fabric of the SmartSleeve® is knitted in a special 3D structure, which ensures permanent ventilation of the mattress and which reduces the pressure of the body on the mattress. The resilient air layer guarantees extra ergonomic comfort.

The thermoregulation technology ensures that the moisture we lose at night evaporates faster and the heat is evacuated. 

THE SMARTSLEEVE®PREMIUM WATERPROOF optimizes your sleeping comfort, health and the hygiene of your mattress.

This mattress protector adds a waterproof film on the back of the fabric. The waterproof version stops all liquids, ensuring your mattress stays dry and clean.

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Explanation of some terms:

CAIRFULL: the 3-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air within the SmartSleeve®. Movement stimulates the air circulation under the body and the evaporation of the absorbed moisture. The air layer also distributes heat evenly over the entire sleeping surface.

PUROTEX: uses the technology of active probiotics. These probiotics reduce the amount of house dust mite allergens by 93,7% two weeks after application! Active probiotics create a fresh and clean sleeping environment.

ADAPTIVE: treats the SmartSleeve® with a temperature sensitive polymer and provides a dynamic response: the warmer it gets, the more Adaptive will evaporate moisture. More evaporation means a dryer and cooler sleeping environment.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Composition:3D intermediate structure (ventilating interlayer) between 2 textile layers - waterproof film on the back of the fabric.
Characteristics:perfect fit - suitable for any mattress - elastic sides in lycra - anti-allergic - less sweating - ventilation - pressure reduction.
Maintenance:washable at 30°C: consult the washing symbols.

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