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Waterbed air care: special offer

Wanneer in de watermatras veel lucht zit, veroorzaakt dit naast het hinderlijk klotsen ook andere problemen.

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Waterbed air care: special offer

Waterbed air care: special offer

Regular price €38,20
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Slapen op water

If you regularly have to vent your waterbed, there is an air problem.

When there is a lot of air in the mattress, this causes in addition to annoying sloshing other problems. A lot of air has a negative effect on the comfort. Besides, cold spots arise in the mattress in those places where air accumulates and the risk of dehydration is high.

Air formation can have various causes. In particular, the quality of the water plays an important part. But also temperature, bacteria and fungi have an influence on the repeated creation of air.

This problem is solved by adding the air care product.  Afterwards, you have to vent the mattress.  Repeat it after 4 days.

Protect your mattress with a fitted sheet from our collection.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Contents:2x 400gr.
Instructions:after adding the air care product, you have to vent the mattress. Repeat this eventually after 4 days.

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