Everything you need to know about a box spring

The search for the perfect box spring

Choosing a new bed is often a big decision, especially because the wide range has only increased in recent years. To ensure that you can find your dream bed among the mass, we will tell you more about the advantages of a box spring in this blog. We look at the differences with a normal bed with a slatted base and zoom in on the different parts. This way you can be sure that you choose the sleeping system that suits you best.

Box springs give a new outlook on sleeping

Box springs are often known for their luxurious appearance and high level of comfort. Yet, many people wonder what makes a box spring different from a regular bed with a slatted base.

The big difference is that a box spring is actually a complete sleeping system. A box spring consists of various elements that form one whole. Just think of the combination of an upholstered bed base with springs, a mattress, often also a mattress topper and a headboard or foot. What was once mainly found in hotel rooms because of its luxurious appearance, can now also be found in many bedrooms.

The structure of a classic bed consists of separate parts. Traditionally, in this case you buy a separate bed frame or bed made of steel, plastic or wood with a slatted basewing base or mesh base. The mattress will then be placed on the base. If you want the comfort of a box spring but if you prefer the appearance of a bed frame more than a box spring, we can perfectly combine the two. We will explain everything to you in our showroom and show you all the options.

The building stones of the box spring for a good night's sleep

When buying a box spring, it's all about the details. It is very important to know the crucial elements and their impact on your sleep experience. Below you will find a clear overview:

The bed base with springs

The box of a box spring consists of a spring core. When combined with a mattress, a box spring provides optimal support to your body and offers comfortable lying comfort.

The mattress

The type of mattress determines your sleeping experience. Your weight, height, sleeping position and any complaints play a major part in this choice. People under 80 kilograms are often recommended to choose a soft or medium mattress, and a harder mattress is suitable for people with a weight of more than 80 kilograms. Of course, this is always a personal choice and testing is the only way to choose the right mattress. The hardness may also differ per brand.

The mattress topper

A topmattress ensures that you are extra comfortable on your box spring. The choice of the right material, thickness and lying comfort are important. Materials such as cold foam, memory foam and latex have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cold foam ventilates well but provides no support, memory foam provides pressure relief and latex provides optimal and soft lying comfort. This is the only part of a box spring that is not attached to the rest of the whole as standard.

The headboard and foot 

A headboard and foot complete the look of a box spring. These elements are the finishing touch for a luxurious look. A box spring can of course also be used without a headboard or foot.

Which box spring suits you?

Although you now know all the options and elements, the choice of a box spring remains very personal. That is why we always recommend testing your box spring out in our showroom in Heist-op-den-Berg. Ask our sleep experts for advice so that you can carefully match your box spring to your bedroom interior and possible allergies are taken into account. A box spring is more difficult to dismantle, making it easier for dust to accumulate, which can be difficult for people with a dust mite allergy.

At Bosmans Slaapcomfort we are convinced that choosing a box spring is an investment in a good night's sleep. By understanding the differences, knowing the elements and mAtching everything to your personal preferences, you are ready to find the box spring for a perfect night's rest.

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