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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers sent to your computer when you consult a website. The cookie contains a unique code that allows a website to recognise a user based on the device they are using. On a subsequent visit to the website, it will remember, on the basis of the cookies, information about your preferences (e.g. choice of language, favourite companies, recent searches, etc.). Cookies generally make the interaction between the visitor and the website easier and faster. By using cookies, the content or advertising on a website can also be made more relevant to the visitor, since it can be adapted to his personal preferences.

Which cookies are used and what is their purpose?

Essential cookies
These cookies are essential in order to use the website and its features (e.g. login, language selection).

Performance cookies
We use performance cookies to collect information about the use of the website in order to improve, optimize and make the content of the website more efficient.

Third party cookies
These cookies allow us to improve the content and operation of our website, including through the use of Google Analytics, OpenStreetMap.

Cookie storage time
Cookies are stored in the browser for a maximum of 24 months.

Managing cookies
If you want to avoid certain cookies being installed on your computer, you can indicate this via the Privacy settings of your browser. You can also remove cookies via your browser's Privacy settings.

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