Team Bosmans

On the pretext of "You are only as strong as the team behind you", we proudly present you our top team. A team of 14 passionate people who are ready day and night to transform our specialist shop into an ambitious company and to help our customers as best as possible. A team we can rely on, but most importantly… a team we can rely on in almost all circumstances. Without them we would not be where we are today. Let's present you:

Business manager: Rudy Bosmans

Rudy is a furniture architect by training and is the 3rd generation in our family business. He has been steering our company in the right direction since 1980. Rudy is currently responsible for marketing, website development, financial services & stock management. During the busiest periods, he still explains our beds (speciality Beka, Tempur & Auping) to our customers.

Rudy's sister: Greta Bosmans

In the same period, in 1990, Greta joined the store. During this period we still had 2 show rooms. She was responsible for the sale of the bedrooms and beds. She is currently responsible for the sale of our bed linen. Slabbinck, Lysdrap, Fishbacher,…they have no secrets for her. She is also responsible for advising our sleeping systems. Specialization: Beka, Auping & Tempur

4Th generation: Bart Bosmans

Bart joined the store 14 years ago, in 2007. Started as an installer, to study the technical aspects of the brands, to  take responsibility in the show room afterwards. Bart is responsible for planning, integrating innovations and sales. All brands belong to his super  knowledge, particurlary specialized in Auping, Nillspring & Natural sleeping.

Elke Cuypers

Elke, Bart's wife, is working with us since 2020. After several intensive training courses, she is responsible for the renewed website, for the succession of customers and sales. There are few secrets for her in the show room, but she prefers to work on our 1st floor, the Natural sleeping range. Specialization of Elke: Nillspring, Somnus & Hästens.

Processing of orders & sales: Paul & Greg

Paul has been a familiar face in our shop for already ten years. A jack-of-all-trades. Paul started out as an installer but has been engaged as a consultant for a few years now, has mastered all technical aspects of all brands perfectly and is responsible for the processing of online orders.

Gregory is one of our newest faces and just like Paul started as an installer. Gregory is engaged as an advisor during the busiest periods, but is responsible for processing online orders, following up stock management and placing orders with our suppliers.

Delivery & service:

Jurgen (de Laenen): Our leading installer for about 4 years now. All technical aspects of all brands belong to his know-how. The heavy installations such as Somnus, Hästens, Nillspring & Technogel are among his tasks. We can also count on him when all kinds of  small jobs have to be completed in the show room. Repairs also belong to his job responsibilities.

Ludo: Of all installers, Ludo works the longest in our family business. Ludo is responsible for the maintenance of our warehouse, for individual remote trips and installation of all sleeping systems. Ludo is also responsible for the continuous monitoring of orders made by Paul & Greg.

Michiel: 1 of our young and new faces. Michiel is perfectly technically trained and is therefore responsible for more technical installations such as Auping beds. Heavy systems such as Technogel, Kuperus,… are invariably noted on his diary.

Stijn: is responsible for our most recent “Mattress Cleaning” service. He comes to our customers to make their mattress completely free of mites or stains. Also responsible for the installation of all brands. The maintenance of the warehouse and the monitoring of the orders transmitted by Paul & Greg, are part of its functions.

Kevin: 1 of our new members. After a few weeks of training, Kevin has to install all the brands. He teams up with Michiel & Jurgen. Kevin is also responsible for the surveillance of our warehouse.

Yannick: since July 1, he joined our company. He is responsible for installing all brands and maintaining our warehouse, but he will also receive consultant training.


Chris Yskout, Annemie's brother, has been responsible for our accounting for several years now. The processing of all the papers, the follow up of the customers, .... A job which he takes care of 7/7!

So… now you have an idea of what's going on behind the scenes at Bosmans Slaapcomfort. Everyone has their own responsibility, everyone has their own strengths… that's what makes us so unique in the world of sleep.

"You don't count sheep in a bed of Bosmans Slaapcomfort."

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