4 generations of sleep experts

At Bosmans Slaapcomfort-center a well-trained team of sleep specialists is ready to perfect your sleep, both in front of and behind the scenes. We are one big family, and you can take that quite literally, because Bosmans is a real family business. For 4 generations we have been committed to our customers.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you

From left to right on the picture: Raymond - Jeanne - Annemie - Bart - Rudy - Greta. Raymond and Jeanne are no longer active in the business. Rudy (3rd generation) has been the manager since 1990.

We would like to introduce to you the team that is at your disposal these days to help you choose the right sleeping system:

Sleep specialist Rudy Bosmans

Manager, project development, marketing

As head of our family business Rudy is in close contact with you, the customer. You are bound to meet him at the sale or as a second person at the delivery.

Bosmans Slaapcomfort-center believes it is important that all customers enjoy perfect service. That is why, as manager, close customer contact is so important. Rudy ensures that you, the customer, can be sure of a punctual and correct delivery.

You will find that his good relationship with our suppliers is very useful. As official dealer of all brands in our range (Auping, Beka, Tempur, Slabbinck, Lattoflex,...) we can guarantee smooth deliveries.

Rudy also designs all custom-made furniture, both wardrobes and dressing rooms.

You can contact Rudy directly at

Sleep specialist Greta Bosmans

Head of Purchasing Department

Greta has been deciding on the products in our range ever since the specialist "sleep comfort" department was created. Her extensive product knowledge gives her the ideal basis for providing you with detailed information about duvets, bed textiles, etc.

You can reach her directly via

Sleep specialist Annemie Yskout

Administration, responsible for French and English-speaking customers

At the customer service department, Annemie makes sure that all your questions that come in by e-mail, fax or phone are answered quickly. She is the administrative force of the company. All correspondence goes through her.

You can reach her directly at

Sleep specialist Bart Bosmans

Sales and planning

Bart,4th generation Bosmans, is in direct contact with you as a professional advisor. He welcomes customers and offers tailor-made advice for the most appropriate sleeping comfort. He is also responsible for planning the deliveries.

You can reach Bart directly at

Sleep specialist Paul van Thienen

Delivery, placement and sales

Paul is responsible for the deliveries and will personally attend the placement of your order. Together with technician Sam, he will carefully adjust your bed at your home.

You can reach Paul at

Technician Sam Schoovaerts

Delivery and installation

As a first rate technician Sam takes care of all deliveries. He will install your sleep system or custom-made cupboard with the greatest care at your home.

Our furniture makers joiners

Delivery of made-to-measure furniture-dressing

The delivery of bespoke furniture and dressings is handled by an established team. They are a group of specialist furniture makers joiners with years of experience. This experience allows them to be on the ball and solve problems quickly if necessary.

Service always comes first

After all these years, service still comes first. We provide you with professional sleep advice and all your customised products and orders are handled with the greatest care.

Advice and sleep solutions
tailored to your needs

Free delivery
& installation

Family business
since 1941

Wide selection
top brands

Also possible
with financing plan.

Period of 24 months

Interest rate

Free delivery
& installation