Tips for sleeping better in the heat

Warm nights, cool sleepers: a guide to summer sleeping comfort

Turn off the lights, close your eyes and off to dreamland. Or not quite… In the summer we often fall asleep less quickly than in the winter. That's because it's longer light outside and our body doesn't start producing the sleep hormone melatonin on its own. That only happens when it gets dark outside. And we're not even talking about that scorching heat. That often makes it difficult to sleep well in the summer.

You don't count sheep in a good bed. That is why Bosmans Sleeping Comfort has made it its personal mission to ensure that you can sleep soft and cool all year round. In this blog we tell you the best tips to doze off during warm summer nights.

How to: the best tips for a cool night's sleep

Just as the clothes make the man, the bedroom makes the night's sleep. To dream away during a warm summer night, make sure that the humidity in your bedroom is between 30% and 50%. We recommend that you use a humidifier or dehumidifier for a perfect sleeping climate. If the air is too humid, you can suffer from mold formation, which can cause problems with breathing. If the air is too dry, on the other hand, you can experience ailments such as dry lips, headache or burning eyes.

Sleeping in the heat is not recommended. The ideal room temperature is 18 degrees. So try to ventilate your room sufficiently when it has cooled down outside. We also always recommend darkening your room well in the summer. This promotes the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Always start your night as fresh as possible. Take a shower before bed and opt for fresh bedding made of percale cotton or satin cotton. Be sure to check out the bedding range in our Linen Boutique . If you like to sleep extra fresh, you can opt for a cool pillow from Technogel . That feels extra fresh, also provides good support for your neck and helps you fall asleep.

Invest in your mattress

If it is too hot in your bedroom at night, it is best to opt for mattresses made of natural materials. They regulate the temperature better. Materials where the combination is made of wool, cotton and horse hair are ideal. Wool is a very good temperature regulator, cotton absorbs moisture and horsehair is a hollow fiber, so that the absorbed moisture is easily drained. You therefore sleep “dry”. In our range you will find an extensive range of mattresses or beds consisting of natural materials: Hästens , Somnus , Kuperus , Ecolife or our Luxury Home Collection. But the Technogel or Geltex mattresses are also recommended for cool sleepers. Perfect for a warm summer night.

Did you know that we recently added waterbeds to our range again? Because water has such a high thermal conductivity, waterbeds can efficiently absorb and dissipate heat. In this way, they not only offer the ultimate comfort that Bosmans is known for, but they also have a wonderfully cooling effect during warm summer nights.

Tips for pregnant women: how to sleep better during a heat wave?

Sleeping when you're expecting a baby is already harder. When the temperature outside is another 30°C or more, it often becomes a real challenge for a pregnant woman to fall asleep and stay asleep. That is why we advise all women in expectation to take a shower before going to bed and to go to bed without pajamas . That way, that substance can't irritate you anyway. Prefer not to sleep naked? Then choose a nightgown made of a light fabric such as tetra. Also, opt for cotton or satin bedding. These materials allow more air to pass through so that your body can cool down more easily.

In order to sleep better during the warm summer months, there are certainly a few things you can take into account. Be sure to visit our showroom and together we will see which mattress, pillow or bedding best suits your needs. Our specialized team is always at your service

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