Auping, Boxspring - Nice with footboard Siena

THE FOOTBOARD SIENA is an extra option for all Auping Original box springs.

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Sfeerfoto Auping

Auping footboard Siena, straight model

The boxspring Criade by Auping with the Siena footboard is a paragon of luxury and comfort, designed to provide the ultimate sleep experience. This boxspring combines craftsmanship, style and advanced technology to ensure a perfect night's sleep.

Elegant and functional design

The Criade box spring is characterised by its sleek and modern design, which fits seamlessly into both classic and contemporary bedrooms. The Siena footboard adds an extra touch of elegance with its refined finish and clean lines. The footboard not only adds aesthetic value, but also provides extra stability and a sense of security.

High-quality materials

Auping is known for its use of high-quality materials, and the Criade is no exception. The box spring is constructed from durable and breathable fabrics that not only provide a luxurious look, but also contribute to a healthy sleeping environment. The sturdy frame is made from premium steel, ensuring long-term support and durability.

Made-to-measure comfort

One of the biggest advantages of the Criade box spring is its customisable comfort. The box spring is available with different types of mattresses and toppers, so you can choose the perfect combination to suit your sleeping needs. Whether you like a firm or a softer mattress, Auping offers various options to suit your preferences.

If you have a question or comment, contact us.

Technical specifications

Hoogte: 38 cm incl potenset laag

Eigenschappen: Deelbaarset mogelijk / pocketveren / spiraalbodem voorzien onder de box

Verstelbaarheid: 1-Motorig / 2-Motorig / 3-Motorig

Hoofdborden: verschillende hoofdborden mogelijk / verschillende afmetingen van hoofdborden mogelijk

Voetbord: er is de mogelijkheid een voetbord te plaatsen.

Stoffen en kleuren: verschillende soorten materialen verkrijgbaar, zoals leatherlook & stof / grote keuze aan kleuren

Good to know

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  • Free delivery and professional assembly by our services throughout the Benelux.
  • For deliveries outside the Benelux, always inquire about the shipping costs. Consult the terms of delivery or fill in the contact form in.
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  • Discount codes do not apply to discounted products, promotions or actions.

Verbeter je slaap met Auping

Tover uw slaapkamer om tot een oase van rust met Auping. Ontdek de samensmelting van kunstenaarschap en technologie, waar dromen vorm krijgen en verjonging een dagelijkse luxe is. Ontdek vandaag nog onze collectie en laat Auping jouw relatie met slaap opnieuw definiëren.
Omarm de nacht met Auping – waar elk bed een belofte is van compromisloos comfort en de weg naar uw beste nachtrust.

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