Auping, spiral base - Smart base - 1-motor

Het rugdeel van DE SMART BASE 1-MOTORIG van Auping is elektrisch verstelbaar.

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Auping, Smart base 1-motorig-Auping, Smart base à 1 moteur-Auping, Smart base 1M

Auping, spiral base - Smart base - 1-motor

Regular price €865,00
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Auping, Smart base 1-motor, for firm support

Sleeping well is very important; it is a necessity of life that is different for every person. Some people prefer to sleep softly, while others like firm comfort.

A spiral base Auping provides firm support, good ventilation, pressure relief and adjustability - in short, quality at the highest level!

Made from the most innovative and comfortable materials, spiral bases are available in a fixed, hand adjustable and electric version. People sometimes choose an electric base to watch TV or read an exciting book comfortably from their bed.

With its 80% open structure, Auping's spiral base is a fresh and well-ventilated bed base, which ensures better hygiene. The spiral base is the only base that offers support on every centimetre, because of its more than 10,000 pressure points. Thanks to these pressure points, your mattress distributes your weight over the entire base, so you will enjoy an optimal night's sleep.

The spiral base can be used as an insert base or as a bedmodel. The back section of DE SMART BASE 1-MOTORIG by Auping is electrically adjustable by means of a wireless handset or the Auping Connect app, and the foot section is adjusted by hand. The spacious seat section allows the mattress to form well in adjustment and ensures that you sit comfortably.

The Auping Connect makes your electric base 'Smart'. With the Smart base 1M, you can already enjoy smart features such as the anti-snoring function and the smart alarm clock. You can also connect the bed to all other smart devices in your home.

This spiral base forms a perfect support surface for both latex- and spring-mattresses- as well as spring-mattresses.

Place your bottom in the matching bed frame.

CAUTION: prices quoted are for bases WITHOUT legs.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Application:maximum load: 140 kg - in bed frame or on legs.
Characteristics:electrically adjustable back part - foot part adjustable by hand - open structure - ventilation - support.
Colour:deep black.
Material:reinforced steel.
Finish: powder coating.

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Verbeter je slaap met Auping

Tover uw slaapkamer om tot een oase van rust met Auping. Ontdek de samensmelting van kunstenaarschap en technologie, waar dromen vorm krijgen en verjonging een dagelijkse luxe is. Ontdek vandaag nog onze collectie en laat Auping jouw relatie met slaap opnieuw definiëren.
Omarm de nacht met Auping – waar elk bed een belofte is van compromisloos comfort en de weg naar uw beste nachtrust.

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