Brinkhaus, pillow - Comforel Classic

HOOFDKUSSEN COMFOREL CLASSIC® met vulling Comforel®Supreme is een licht en soepel kussen.

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Brinkhaus, pillow - Comforel Classic

Brinkhaus, pillow - Comforel Classic

Regular price €59,00
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For more than 150 years, the German company Brinkhaus has been producing high-quality bed linen for instance, pillows. Brinkhaus offers the right pillow for every sleeping position. Are you looking for a soft or a firm pillow, do you like down, synthetic or natural materials? At Brinkhaus you will certainly find your favourite pillow for an optimal and relaxing sleep.

If you choose a synthetic pillow, such as THE COMFOREL CLASSIC® PILLOW, then you choose a supple and light pillow. It is also washable, functional and hygienic. A synthetic pillow is also ideal for people who suffer from house dust mite allergy.

The fiber balls of the brand Comforel®Supreme with which the Comforel®Classic pillow is filled, offer a good basis for a healthy sleep. The filling is extremely resilient and wear-resistant.

All the Brinkhaus products can be seen in our shop. Our professional team will assist you in making the right choice. Together with Brinkhaus, we will offer you an unforgettable night's rest.

If you have a question or a comment, contact Greta.

Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Casing:finest 100% Mako cotton, Nomite certified.
Filling: 100% polyester hollow fibre balls Comforel® Supreme.
Finish:with zipper.
Maintenance:Fully washable up to 60°C.

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