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Brinkhaus Luxury Lifestyle, duvet Silhouette - medium

SILHOUETTE DEKBED MEDIUM heeft een vulling van wit Mazurische ganzendons en een luxueuze hoes.

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Brinkhaus Luxury Lifestyle, duvet Silhouette - medium

Regular price €425,00
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Brinkhaus Luxury Lifestyle, duvet Silhouette - medium

Thanks to the Brinkhaus duvets, the consumer really understands what a peaceful sleep means. Thanks to years of experience in craftsmanship and technology, Brinkhaus is constantly developing innovative products for the future and strives for optimization in production.

The Brinkhaus down duvets are filled with carefully selected down.  The duvets feel cosy and they have heat-insulating and temperature-regulating effects.

DUVET SILHOUETTE MEDIUM from Brinkhaus has a filling of white Masurian goose down and has a luxurious casing made from the finest mako batiste. The down characteristically  surrounds itself with a layer of air, creating an additional cushioning effect and offering cosy warmth without weight.  The soft-to-the-touch body zone quilting and the perfect make-up of the corners complete the Silhoutte down duvet to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort.

Thanks to the body zone stitching, the duvet drapes ideally around the body thus forming a cocoon with a pleasant sleeping climate and the highest comfort.  Duvets with body zone stitching and a quilted edging rim assure great and recuperative sleep as well as a pleasant dry sleeping climate with great heat retention.

This medium duvet suits our climate best.

A beautiful duvet cover to protect your new duvet ?  Look at some models of Blanc Des Vosges.

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Filling:new white Masurian goose down, 100% down, class I, DIN EN 12934.
Filling weight:140x200*2x200g, 140x220: 2x220g, 240x220: 2x380g, 260x220: 2x420g, 260x240*: 2x460g, 280x240**: 2x490g.
Casing:ultra-fine batiste, 100% Mako cotton, medicott® treated.
Characteristics:Dual-principe - body zone stitching, approx. 2x70 g/m².
Classheat class: 2 - weight class: medium.
Maintenance:washable at 60°C -  (only if necessary) - consult the washing instructions.

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