Brinkhaus - Morpheus pillow protector

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kussenbeschermer Morpheus, Brinkhaus - protège-oreiller Morpheus, Brinkhaus - pillow protector Morpheus, Brinkhaus

Brinkhaus - Morpheus pillow protector

Regular price €69,00
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Morpheus kussenbeschermer - protège-oreiller Morpheus - pillow protector Morpheus

There is nothing more annoying than knowing that you have a dust mite allergy

Thank goodness there are products on the market that can relieve the symptoms of an allergy.


This pillowcase is an extra protection for your pillow against dust mites and completely envelops your pillow thanks to the zipper.

The fabric of this Morpheus pillowcase is woven in such a way that the house dust mite cannot penetrate. Your pillow therefore remains dust mite-free.

The product offers you all the advantages of the natural material cotton and is washable at 95°C and can be tumble dried without losing its effect. No chemicals are used in these covers.

ATTENTION: 1 packing contains 2 pillowcases!

Explanation of a term:

NOMITE: indicates that a product is suitable for hous dust mite allergy sufferers

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Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Casing:fine batiste of 100% Mako-cotton - Nomite® certified.
Characteristics:dust mite barrier.
Finish: with zipper.
Maintenance:washable up to 95°C - consult always the washing instructions. 

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