Decopur - duvet cover Oxygen

DE OXYGEN DEKBEDOVERTREKKEN zijn verkrijgbaar in vele kleuren zodat u naar hartelust kunt combineren.

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decopur dekbedovertrek Oxygen

Decopur - duvet cover Oxygen

Regular price €320,00
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decopur bedlinnen

Duvet cover Oxygen, subtle simplicity and elegance

The exclusive bed linen collection Oxygen from Decopur is made of 100% Belgian linen. 

Thanks to the choice of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, this bed linen exudes a subtle simplicity and elegance. The pre-wash of the linen gives it a soft feel and makes it user-friendly. 

Linen regulates and optimises the body temperature. Moreover, the fibres are anti-bacterial and anti-allergic.

THE OXYGEN DEVUT COVERS are available in many colours so that you can combine them with a different colour of pillowcase, sheet, fitted sheet and decorative pillow.

Wash linen at 40°C or max. 60°C, otherwise the flax fibers will break down and the fitted sheet will wear out very quickly.

Maintenance: to achieve an optimal look, the linen should still be warm and supple when it is removed from the tumble dryer. If left in the tumble dryer for too long, it will get creased extra.

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Onderhoud: wasbaar tot 40°C, droogkastbestendig.

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