Lysdrap-set of sheet Apertio white in cotton satin TC300-TC600

LAKENSET APERTIO SATIJN WIT is een klassiek, tijdloos model met een verfijnde ajour afwerking.

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laken Apertio satijn van Lysdrap - drap Apertio satin de coton de Lysdrap - sheet Apertio cotton satin from Lysdrap

Lysdrap-set of sheet Apertio white in cotton satin TC300-TC600

Regular price €171,00
Unit price  per 
schets van laken Apertio - esquisse du drap Apertio - sketch of sheet Apertio

Enjoy this sheet from Lysdrap for years to come

Lysdrap mainly uses Egyptian cotton for the production of bed linen. This cotton can be in a percale or satin weave.

Lysdrap offers you many options in duvet covers with matching fitted sheets as well as sheets and pillowcases.

These products are of a high quality that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our webshop offers you a number of possibilities that you can view in our showroom or that you can purchase online.

What exactly is satin ?

Satin is a weaving technique. Yarns are woven closely together, resulting in a supple, smooth and shiny fabric.

Satin can be woven from any material, including cotton.

The APERTIO sheet with pillowcases is a timeless, classic design with hemstich finish

Extra Oxford pillowcases can be ordered separately.

If you have a question or comment, contact Greta.

Technical specifications

Samenstelling: satijn 100% Egyptisch katoen.

Type: laken met slo(o)p(en)

Onderhoud: wasbaar op 60°C., volgens wasvoorschriften

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