Lysdrap-white sheet Linea cotton satin TC300-TC600

HET SATIJNEN LAKEN LINEA is een laken in luxe kwaliteit met 1 bourdon op 6 cm van de bovenrand.

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laken Linea satijn TC300 van Lysdrap - drap Linea satin de coton TC300 de Lysdrap - sheet Linea cotton satin TC300 from Lysdrap

Lysdrap-white sheet Linea cotton satin TC300-TC600

Regular price €115,00
Unit price  per 
schets van laken Linea - esquisse du drap Linea - sketch of sheet Linea

Suitable for the protection of your duvet cover

Lysdrap's sheets are mainly made of 100% Egyptian cotton. This cotton, which has been around for more than 12,000 years, is considered as 'the best cotton in the world'.

This cotton has extra long fibres and is very pure.

Satin sheets do not refer to the quality of the fabric but to the weaving technique. Satin sheets are supple, soft and they have a luxurious look thanks to the shiny top.

THE SATIN SHEET LINEA from Lysdrap is a luxurious sheet with a stitching of 6 cm from the top edge.  The stitching exists in various colours.

Standard pillowcases or Oxford pillowcases have to be ordered separately.

Can't find the desired size? Contact us.

The matching fitted sheet is also available.

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Technical specifications

Samenstelling: satijn 100% Egyptisch katoen.

Type: laken zonder slopen

Onderhoud: wasbaar op 60°C., volgens wasvoorschriften

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